Wednesday, September 5, 2007

WOO HOO! LU here we come!

Oh my goodness! Can you say WOOT WOOT!

Well, Taylor held out and he won. His only choice of colleges or universities was Longwood University. He would settle for VCU (Virginia Commonwealth University) for a year and then transfer, he would have settled for TNCC (Thomas Nelson Community College) for a year and transferred, but he held out. He refused to make plans elsewhere, holding out for his favorite.

And he did it! We got word last week that the Admissions Committee had met and had extended Taylor an offer to attend Longwood University. Taylor's beyond excited. Heck we're all beyond excited! He comes in from school in the afternoon and says, "Hey Mom! Guess what?"

"What?", I say.

"I'm goin' to Longwood!" he announced with a huge grin. And most days, I get a hug to go with it.

It warms my heart to know that Taylor has these feelings. After all, his father and I both graduated from Longwood (it was Longwood College then!). We do have a good bit of family tradition at Longwood, but for him to feel that, for him to hold out for Longwood for the 11th hour... that's awesome to me.

I"m so proud of him and I couldn't wait to turn in his acceptance card and mail that deposit. As though it couldn't get there fast enough, (they're only 2 hours away after all), I sent it priority. I've never been so happy to mail off a check in my life.

So, when we send out his Graduation announcements, we get to include his plans to attend LU in the fall.


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Lissa Ballard said...

Comment from: Jacquie
Go Taylor, Go Taylor. Congratulations to Taylor and to the entire family. What an accomplishment!

Good job mom!