Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Posted 5-23-06

Well... I've got an observation that I think will form it's way into a tip or a technique, depending on how you look at it. At the very least it's a challenge anyhow.

The sketch of the month at Untamed for The View (coming soon I promise) was one I made this month and had a photo that spanned two pages. I've been watching this occur more and more frequently in the last few months and tried my hand at a sketch I thought would lend itself well to it.

Have you tried splitting a photo or spanning two pages with a photo AND a title? It's great fun! It's a great way to tie two pages together, it keeps the eye moving all the way across and around your layout and your focal photograph can really show the detail you want it to since it's so big. (Or the title can really pack a punch which ever or both!)

Having been way too busy since last fall to read any of my scrapping mags, and being the bad scrapper I am with all my scrapping stuff being strung out all over the house since then, I just got around to looking through October 2005's Creating Keepsakes. I was astounded that they pretty much devoted that entire issue to layouts that had larger than normal focal photos, titles spanning two pages and photos split between two pages. What a lot of fun! It really got me even more excited to share this month's sketch of the month and View layouts with you all!

Show us your layouts! I want more and more examples of two page layouts who's title, journaling or photos are split over the two pages. I think I've found a new love! For those of us who scrap 8.5 x 11 typically, this is a great way to get more on our layouts too! You 12x12 folks already know all about that though don't you!

(And here I thought I was being so progressive and it turns out I am, as usual, 6 months behind again... ah well, such is life......!)

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