Wednesday, September 5, 2007

What A Weekend! (posted 6-25-07)

Well it's been another whirlwind week!

Taylor is officially a graduate. Funny how it didn't hit me so hard when Reaves graduated. I suppose since I knew he wasn't leaving home in the fall it wasn't so hard to take. Taylor is leaving though. He's headed for Longwood University and that means he'll be gone. Not just gone for the day and I'll see him tomorrow, he'll be gone... really gone... like I won't see him for weeks at a time gone... Somehow that's harder to handle. After all, Taylor is my "baby of the family". He was the baby of the family for 11 years so he's kind of always going to be the "baby". It's hard to realize that my baby is old enough to leave home and embark on this new journey. HOLY MOLEY!

He graduated the evening of the 16th, just 4 days after his 18th birthday. Another holy cow thank you. Because their class was so large, they held the graduation ceremony at William and Mary Hall (yes at The College of William and Mary). It was very nicely decorated and VERY full!

To our surprise, Taylor was the first one in line behind the Jr. Marshall's. He was the first seat in the first row on the left side of the stage so he was leading the procession. WOO HOO! How cool!

The speeches were pretty good. One student gave a very astute speech entitled "Expanding Expectations". The band was quite excellent, the choir was very mediocre (unfortunately) . The superintendant, unfortunately, was uninspiring but the principal was great.

Taylor tried to be "Taylor". When he got his diploma, his goal was to take off his mortarboard and blow his momma a kiss. Unfortunately, he tripped and didn't really do much but grab the mortarboard and catch his balance. God love him, give him A+ for effort.

And yes, to answer my own question, I've gotten old. Not only has my first baby graduated high school, I've begun to feel all those patriotic feelings "old people feel" when the Star Spangled Banner plays. I cry when singing the National Anthem. I cried when they played Pomp and Circumstance, I cried when they read his name, I cried when he told me why he tripped.... I've become my mother. Now in my mind, that's not all together a bad thing. To my kids, well, I'm old...

So I thought I'd share some graduation photos with you..

Left to right, Kevin, Dalton, Me, Taylor, Rob (his dad), Pop and Grandma (The Lanes)

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Lissa Ballard said...

Comment from: Jacquie
Congrats you old lady you! lol My Taylor says to me on Thursday, "Mom, do you realize that next year at this time you'll have a high schooler?" Thanks Tay, that's what I needed to hear! NOT

Comment from: Paula
WOWSERS, LISSA!!!! Congratulations!!!! Big pat on the back to you! I, on the other hand, don't even want to start thinking about that. I still have Cesar for another 6 years, so I guess I'll try to enjoy him as much as possible!
And I hear you with the crying. I cry everytime I hear the same songs! or Proud to be an American, Amazing Grace... you name it! My kids meassure how good their presents are in how much I cry. Yup, we become our moms!

Comment from: kim
You guys look awesome! Dalton is such a well as everyone else.