Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Posted 5-22-06

Well! It's been a little less manic around here for the last week and it's wonderful. It's nice to wander around a house that's clean. Going from room to room, tidying instead of cleaning. It's so nice to look at the cleanliness and orderliness in my home. My oldest will be moving back into his own bedroom soon and the laundry and everything is all caught up. It's so nice.

And then, it happened. I had to find a document tonight that I couldn't find anywhere. Now, how is it that I can't find something when I've cleaned and put away everything exactly where it belongs. How is it that I searched exactly where I knew it should be three times and couldn't find it?

An hour later with exceptional frustration and in utter desperation, I took one last look in the exact place I had looked before, in the precise place I knew it had to be and voila! As though I'd never visited that place, there it was, it was wonderful. It was there in all it's glory.

It surely was a manic Monday... Maniacally looking and found it just where it should have been.

On another note, I have been cleaning in my son's old room in hopes of finding the three remaining antique bolts needed to set up my youngest's bed. Despite where I thought they might be, I was told repeatedly they weren't there. What do you imagine I found?


So, for the next month, I'll be working on my project for little boy. We'll be taking down the bed that he outgrew nearly a year ago and putting up his new, big boy bed. He'll have a new room, all organized and newly decorated with Buzz Lightyear. My "extra" goal is to find glow in the dark green tinted paint to paint a solar system on his ceiling so he won't feel scared and alone. He loves the planets and the solar system and his favorite thing (thanks to a dear dear friend of his and mine) is to tell you how much he loves you - "To the Moon and Back".

Here's my challenge - go into that room you've been working on. Get busy! Get to it! It's time to get serious! You should be making decent headway in there by now and hopefully we'll all be finished our one room by mid to late June together!

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