Friday, February 27, 2009

This is way too funny not to share!!!!

Okay - for my family and friends who have known me a while, you all know I"m a strawberry blonde. In the summer, my hair got more red and my skin became one of two things - 1) One MASSIVE freckle or 2) burned to a crisp because I'm so fair skinned. Never mind I'm grey now. Never mind my real hair color took a vacation about 10 years ago. Never mind I'm letting my natural hair color grow out again and I'm NOT thrilled that I'm no longer strawberry blonde but grey. My mom was auburn/red. My sister is auburn/red. My grandfather (maternal) was a red head. My aunt was a red head. I come from a long line of beautiful red heads.


This is why I love...

my little guy!

He comes to me and says, "Mom! Today is Wacky Hair Day and I need to do my hair!"

Mind you, it's 8:40 and we have to catch the bus in 10 minutes. So, I run to the bedroom, grab my comb and hairspray and go to town. Poor kid... he'll play heck trying to get all that teasing out of his hair. He was so thrilled, God love him. I just shook my head. I teased and sprayed and teased and sprayed. It may take a jack hammer to get that hairspray out but he loved it. That's what really counts right?

I can't wait to scrap this photo. He's so darn cute!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Today I received a post from a wonderful site to which I subscribe to several daily newsletters. One in particular was entitled, "We All Reflect The Same Sun". I've been discussing this same topic recently with my son and my scouts with regard to the words ".... under God, ..." as mentioned in the Pledge of Allegiance. Of course, I have, along with my other family (extended too)members discussed at great length the notion that it's all one God, different names. The title of this passage on Beliefnet brought me back to it again.

We All Reflect the Same Sun
Friday February 20, 2009
Categories: By Valerie Reiss, Fresh Morning

"The sun shines down, and its image reflects in a thousand different pots filled with water. The reflections are many, but they are each reflecting the same sun. Similarly, when we come to know who we truly are, we will see ourselves in all people." --Amma, the Hugging Saint

I love Ammachi for her tireless compassion, endless stream of hugging (she embraces tens of thousands of people a year), incredible social work, and vast patience. She's also a constant reminder of what's really true and important. A BS-free guru.

I'm going to go about this one backwards, so just bear with me for a minute. First, I have to say I truly appreciate touchy feely folks like me who hug. I am a hugger. I hug people I've never met before, I hug people I'm meeting if the notion strikes me, I hug people I know who might not feel huggy, I hug people when they are relating sad stories and need a hug, I hug people when they are happy and share with me. I hug. I LOVE to hug. I think the basic human experience of touching, in a non-sexual, very platonic, "I'm here with you" way brings about a healing many people don't even realize they need. I've always been like this. I've hugged from the time I was very small. There are times in my live where I've received very spontaneous hugs that have totally turned my mood; been just what I needed, despite the fact I didn't even know I needed it!

Secondly, how can anyone argue the point about everyone seeing their reflections from the same sun. The only differential is the eyes through which the seeing is acknowledged. Even our own eyes can see ourselves and others differently at different times, based on our experiences and the happenings in our lives at that moment.

What doesn't change is the person behind the eyes. The eyes aren't the seeing parts. The "SEEING" part, well, that's the heart. The heart with which we make our emotional decisions, on which we base our real selves and allow ourselves to really see. It's easy to look at someone's clothing and see what they look like. It's harder to look passed the clothing and feel who they are. You can only do that with your heart. By the same token, how we do that is a reflection of who we are.

For example, if we are to look at someone and truly see a well dressed snob we're looking with eyes. It's possible that is someone who might have one really nice outfit and wants to put her best foot forward. She wears it to the shopping center not just to feel good but also so she's not improperly judged by those who are not "seeing". It definitely lends us two very different points of view. One is shallow and without much substance. The other allows for the opportunity of depth, of love, of dimension, of opportunity. We open opportunities for people to be capable of human emotion. We open the door for others vulnerabilities to become part of what makes them unique, wonderful people. It opens the door to seeing them as people who have emotions and can show us perspectives we've never seen before as opposed to a unidimensional stick figure.

When we do that, we are using the reflections of our hearts to see people. We stop seeing with our eyes and brains and start seeing with our hearts. Our hearts are capable of seeing so much more! While our eyes can see color, our hearts can feel it. While our eyes can see a smile, our hearts feel the smile.

How our hearts react to what we see is what makes us a true reflection of God. While our eyes can see someone coming forward to hug us, it is the reflections of love from our hearts that allow ourselves to be hugged. Open your heart and let the sun shine in it. Start allowing yourself to see the reflections of the sun with your heart light. After all, if a little tiny ET can teach us so much about "Heart Lights" then there must be something there. He was truly seeing the best kind of reflection!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Crack a Smile?

I defy any of your to read these and not smile at least once...

1. How Do You Catch a Unique Rabbit?
Unique Up On It.

2. How Do You Catch a Tame Rabbit?
Tame Way.

3. How Do Crazy People Go Through The Forest?
They Take The Psychopath

4. How Do You Get Holy Water?
You Boil The Hell Out Of It

5. What Do Fish Say When They Hit a Concrete Wall?

6. What Do Eskimos Get From Sitting On The Ice too Long?

7. What Do You Call a Boomerang That Doesn't work?
A Stick

8. What Do You Call Cheese That Isn't Yours?
Nacho Cheese.

9. What Do You Call Santa's Helpers?
Subordinate Clauses.

10. What Do You Call Four Bullfighters In Quicksand?
Quatro Cinco.

11. What Do You Get From a Pampered Cow?
Spoiled Milk.

12. What Do You Get When You Cross a Snowman With a Vampire?

13. What Lies At The Bottom Of The Ocean And Twitches?
A Nervous Wreck.

14. What's The Difference Between Roast Beef And Pea Soup?
Anyone Can Roast Beef.

15. Where Do You Find a Dog With No Legs?
Right Where You Left Him.

16. Why Do Gorillas Have Big Nostrils?
Because They Have Big Fingers.

17. Why Don't Blind People Like To Sky Dive?
Because It Scares The Dog.

18. What Kind Of Coffee Was Served On The Titanic?

19. What Is The Difference Between a Harley And a Hoover?!
The Location Of The Dirt Bag

20. Why Did Pilgrims' Pants Always Fall Down?
Because They Wore Their Belt Buckles On Their Hats..

21. What's The Difference Between a Bad Golfer And a Bad Skydiver?
A Bad Golfer Goes, Whack , Dang! A Bad Skydiver Goes Dang! Whack.

22. How Are a Texas Tornado And a Tennessee Divorce The Same?
Somebo dy's Gonna Lose A Trailer Now,

Picking the right fight...

Lately we've had a hard time with our little guy. Not him, but those around him. Seems D has taken on the same spot I inhabited when I was his age. From the time I was 8 until college, I was the girl who got picked on. I was always too nice, too sensitive, too kind to the underdogs, clothes weren't from the right stores (although were far better than anyone else wore because my mom was the best seamstress EVER and our clothes were always prettier). I was a little cutie but pudgy. My sister was darling and tiny. She got picked on too... because she was tiny. I'd have traded places with her any day. Imagine my surprise when she admitted to me as an adult, she always wanted to be me.

But I digress. This is not about me, but Little D. Since early December our little guy has been throwing up fairly regularly in school. Not like emptying the contents of his stomach sick, but sick like vurping (you know - vomit burps where you just get sick into your mouth in little amounts). It got so bad two weeks ago that the nurse, school guidance counselor and I have all conferenced. I have let them all in on Dalton's secret. Dalton is being bullied in school.

I find this so strange because he gets invited to all the birthday parties, the kids all love playing with him, he's well received by everyone and his clothes are brand name (no one has to know that Consignment shops are my favorite place to shop for said popular items). His shoes are Nike and Reebok and he's got one of those classic cute boy looks. He's very popular in school with boys and girls and all of his teachers have always adored him. So, how is it, my precious son is being bullied. Bullied so much so that he is getting sick from the nerves in his stomach making him feel so bad that he misses class time, has to spend more time at home and causes his teacher to have to stop instruction to allow him a pass to the nurse and the bathroom. How is it possible that doing all the right things and being the great kid he is is still putting him in the path of the bullies?

We got several answers this past week. The teacher was so upset that this is going on. He has had several talks with the boys involved and taken disciplinary actions (setting up expectations and consequences with each of them). The guidance counselor has opened her door to him any time. The nurse is on board and my local pediatrician has set up an appointment for him. But how is it that this is starting in 2nd grade????????

As an example of one typical event, one of his closest friends, with whom he shares sleep overs and neighborhood playtime is also in his class at school. This same close friend is bullying him unmercifully at school, but never at home. (Instead his little brother - and I do mean little - has decided it's his opportunity to beat on D but that's another story entirely.) The other day he said to Dalton, "You can't play tag with us unless you're ALWAYS "it"." To which Dalton replied, "Well, fine, but that's not very nice."

This child whipped around and says to him, "Why is it always about being nice with you. Nice doesn't get you anywhere in our world Dalton!"

Oh... MY... GOSH!!!! Are you kidding me? What 8 year old says that??? Where do they hear that stuff?? And no, he doesn't have older siblings, and his mom and I are very very close friends (also socializing together). He does attend a before and after school program. So we, the team of folks consisting of the teacher, counselor, moms, nurse and kids, begin discussing some of the events that occur at school. Like the one that prompted one child to say to my D, "You're just neutered. You're a loser and NO ONE wants to hang around you."

Apparently these kids are also being bullied. They do NOT have older siblings but are rather being bullied in their own before school and after school programs. So, in their efforts to eradicate being the bullied, they have each become the Bully. Sick sick world we're in that this is starting so soon.

To say to Dalton, "Your girlfriend [of one entire year now btw] is gay and kisses other girls so why would she even care about you!?" makes me furious. It not only belittles his feelings for someone else but raises questions that children this age shouldn't even be privy to information regarding. It infuriates me. And what parent doesn't see patterns of behavior at home that illuminate these kinds of behaviors. Are all these children angelic at home? I think not! (And in the case of two of the bullies, I"m certain they are not angelic having been around them in social situations WITH their parents.)

It's incredulous to me that my son has become physically sick as a result of these behaviors. We've been talking about them at home, reading books to help with these situations, discussing ways to help himself through them, keeping avenues of communication open at home, but I feel so badly that I wasn't able to help his little psyche more than I could. I suppose he does know no matter what Mom is on his side and will go to bat for him when it's necessary. (Until I went to the school, he had begged me not to for fear the bullying would only get worse, which of course, initially it did until the teacher was actually witness to some of the shenanigans that happened when the kids thought his back was turned.)

I remember vividly, one incident that happened to me in 5th grade. I was on the playground hoping to get picked for the kick ball team. I couldn't run very fast, but I could seriously kick a ball from here to Kingdom Come. Unfortunately, the numbers were odd and I didn't get to play. So I sat on the sidelines watching, happy to be where I was, not bothering anyone. When all of a sudden, three girls, all my "friends" surrounded me in a circle and began chanting "fatty fatty two by four" rhymes and kicking me as they passed my backside. I let it continue for a bit hoping if I ignored them they'd stop. Which of course they didn't and it started to hurt. I asked them nicely to quit. They of course they wouldn't. I yelled that it hurt and they laughed at me. When it started to hurt enough to cry, (which honestly wasn't as long as it sounds because I cried easily) they taunted me even more. They were merciless in their pursuits to emotionally drain me, laughing and pointing and taunting me over and over in their hurtful sing-song rhymes.

When I finally was able to get up and walk away to the merry-go-round, the teacher finally saw me and came closer to see why I wasn't playing. When she got close enough to see me crying, she got mad. When she finally got me to tell the story, which I did NOT want to tell because I KNEW it would make matters worse, she was livid. She did the unthinkable...

All the girls were brought to the merry go round, which of course brought the game to a close and everyone gathered around. The teacher proceeded to applaud my qualities in front of everyone. She heralded my generosities, my spirit, my ability to help others feel good about themselves, my sense of pride in my work, my desire to do well and help others do well too. On and on she went and then dropped the bomb. "Anyone who picks on Lissa again will find themselves being sent directly to the principle and will be suspended for the day."

It was official. My social ruination was complete.

Wanna guess what Dalton's teacher's designated consequence of bullying is?

Yeah... Dalton was home from school Friday, throwing up fron 7:30 until after 1:00. I tried to get him to go to school, but they won't keep him if he throws up more than twice. Wanna guess why he was throwing up?

One of the boys picked on him on the playground Thursday and he's afraid he'll get kicked out of school.... Yep, it's the classroom socialite, the boy who, for some reason, has the power to decide who's cool and who's not, the one everyone wants to sit beside at lunch because he's funny, the one who looks like he stepped out of GQ for little boys, the one who's just so darn cute and little that all the parents and teachers think he's darling until he opens his mouth and proves what a little brat he can be. He's got power this one. And he uses it... FULLY... And mesmerizes everyone else with it like some master mind manipulator.

Yeah - wonder if Dalton will ever outgrown being sensitive to this or whether he's just beat the hell out of one of them one of these days, completing his transformation into someone entirely different. Wanna know what the other parents want him to do? Yep - you got it... they want Dalton to beat their kids down and show some moxie... Wanna know what that will get Dalton?

Yup - you guessed it - suspended.

Personally, I love that he's sensitive (to an extent) and empathetic. I love that he's wise and kind. I love that he's intelligent, charming, cute as a button, happy (generally) and a great student. I love that he got friends all over the country that ask to play with him when they visit Williamsburg. I love that where ever he goes, he leaves people smiling. I love that he loves God, people, animals, and is proud. I love that I feel like I've got one of the greatest kids ever and I love that other people say so. I love that even the parents of the kids involved with this fiasco, love my kid. Most of all I love that he is trusting God to help fix this and truly believe that the harder he prays about it, the closer it is to being fixed.

So, until this transformation is complete, either the other children or my own child, in what ever manner, I pray I too can be patient and wait on His wisdom to tell us what the next steps are. I pray that my son can grow and not continue to be sick. I pray that what ever physical damage may have already occurred from being sick 3-4 days a week to him is reversed and healed. Mostly I pray that emotionally, my son is healthy, whole and able to rise above all this and continue to be the wise, wonderful, kind, empathetic, sympathetic, intelligent, charming, athletic, easy going loving kid he's always been.


P.S. (And, if you're the praying sort, please pray pray I don't lose my sanity over it too!)

Friday, February 20, 2009

It's here, It's here!

Remember the movie "The Jerk" with Steve Martin when he got all excited because the new phonebooks were in and he was in it? That's how I felt when I got my new book in the mail.

It's not really MY book but I'm on the first page. I'm pretty certain that anyone who publishes in these journals gets to have their own poem on the first page, but it still feels darn special and I loved getting it. Twice now!

My new poem was published in another journal (the second one I've had published now) and I got it just recently. To have been published twice now in a hardbound book makes me feel so good! My dream is to have my own book of poetry published one day so I'm hoping this is just the start of that dream coming to life.

My Forever Love is my newest published work. Standing in the Rain was my first. You can find them both HERE. It may not be the greatest, but it's mine. I have another 160 pages of poetry I'd love to put into a volume. Maybe that's my next step. Maybe that's what I need to do - go ahead and just take the plunge. I'll have to get busy with my illustrations too. We'll see what the future brings.

For now, I'm just REALLY happy. My new book is here, my new poetry book is here - and I'm on page one!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

A quick peek at a gift for a special person

Thought I'd show off a quick little gift I've made for a very special person. She seldom reads my blog so I can't give away too much, but here is a little mini I made for her. I do hope it brings a little ray of sunshine to her. I know lately she's needed it...

So thanks for looking. I hope you like. More than that (no offense) but I hope she likes!


P.S. (And by the way - that's not dirt under my nail - it's stain... it took a week for the stain to come off the underside of my nails... I thought I had rubber gloves but I didn't so I just braved it and well, you can see the result.)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

President's Day Weekend and Valentine's

We had a lovely Valentine's Day Saturday followed by loads of fun for Dalton and Mommy.

Friday night was a lovely dinner party at my girlfriend Lisa's house. Loads of great food we all contributed and great company. A little drama but nothing that won't go away with time. That's a story for another post, but basically, my little guy is being abused (severly bullied) by several kids at school and it carried over to the dinner party. Long story short (boy what a joke), Dalton learned a good thing or two and the other kids have maybe learned something. Let's just pray that his days of having to come home from school from being stressed are over.

So, fast forward to Saturday, Valentine's Day. Dalton and I made candy! It was such fun! We only had two different molds to use. I thought I had more and will have to remedy that by this time next year but the ones we had worked well. We had red candy melts and light cocoa candy melts (Gotta Love Wilton's!) and we had such fun painting the candy molds! (Yep - with a paint brush dipped in chocolate!)

When we were running some errands, Lisa told us about a sale at the grocery store on Lobster tails (2 for $10!!!) so I had to quick quick like a bunny run up to the store and purchase four for dinner. We had an amazing surf and turf. (I'd purchased rib eyes several weeks ago when they were on sale for $2.89 a pound. What a deal!!) We had au gratin potatoes and asparagus too along with a bottle of wine that never even got opened! Dessert was valentine cupcakes with our heart candies on top. It was a great dinner! We were sufficiently stuffed to be sure and our taste buds were delighted to say the least.

Sunday we had a ton of fun! My friend Susan invited us to a Daytona party at a friend's home. As much of a "wallflower" as I can be in places where I know no one, it was really a great time. The host and hostess were so great and talkative, making everyone feel so welcomed. Their home was just beautiful and it was so nice to be meeting new folks. I'd love to live in a place like they do. Country but not and apparently the school system is fantastic. I'd love to see us able to move to something like that one day.

We left before the race was over because Susan and Lisa (a different Lisa) and I had dinner and movie plans. We dropped Dalton off with Daddy with plans to work on his Pinewood Derby car and left for Susan's house to drop off hers and pick up the little car. (She's got a hybrid I truly covet!) After picking up Lisa, we took off for New Town and got a wonderful burrito at California Tortilla before hitting the movies (we'd pre purchased our tickets) to "He's Jut ot That Into You". We loved dinner and the movie was terrific. Great chick flick. We all three laughed out loud and cried a little too and shared fun stories afterwards. Funny how we learn just how human we all are.

When I got home, Kevin had surprised me. Not only had they nearly completed Dalton's pinewood derby car (he's done a great job and I can't wait to see how he paints it), Kevin had cut a second car. I asked if he was doing the Colonial Crossing's car (for the corporate race) and his reply was just so sweet. He said, "No honey, I'm doing this for your business!" He's entering Untamed Spirit into the corporate race. Painting the car plum crazy purple and allowing me my flowers and flourish too. I'm pretty stoked about it and about the free advertising it will bring too.

(Dalton and me in the photobooth at Ripley's. ====>>>)

As if the weekend hadn't been great enough, Monday was President's Day and the kids were out of school. Dalton had been having such a rough time, we decided to do something totally out of the ordinary. He'd been wanting to go to the Ripley's Believe or Not museum and so we went. It was ridiculously expensive but fun nonetheless. Afterward we went to Arby's for a late lunch before coming home in time for Basketball practice.

Dalton in front of a sign just outside the museum.
Dalton and the world's largest man, weighing more than 1500 pounds.

Dalton and mom at Arby's after the museum.

Look at that smile. I'd say the day was worth it just looking at that adorable face!

All in all a fabulous day and a terrific end to a wonderful weekend.

On another note, my computer and email are still messed up. I'm having a horrible time and pray I'm able to rid my computer of the viruses that are killing it. Each day my scan finds more and more. I'm able to send sporadically and unable to receive. I'm thinking I need to go the library to get my email. I have no idea how many I've missed but considering I typically get between 400 and 800 a DAY the contents of my inbox is going to be downright frightening.

The other frightening part is the idea of having to shell out more money that I want to part with to have someone fix it for me. I'm on the verge of calling several companies for estimates. I've called Geek Squad and can't afford them. There are several others here in town. They all have great reputations but you get what you pay for. If I want a working virus free computer, it's gonna cost me...

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend as well!

Blessings all around,

Monday, February 9, 2009


So much time so little to report. Let's see... The Super Bowl was awesome. My team won and I thank everyone who also pulled for and cheered on the Mighty Steelers. I've been watching them since I was a little girl and Terry Bradshaw was playing. (Yeah - talk about dating yourself.) For some reason, he was one of my favorite players. My parents never made a huge deal out of the SuperBowl or Football but for some reason I always enjoyed it. I find myself enjoying college football much more. I've been a Va Tech fan for years as well as a Penn State fan as well. Not sure why PSU but I've always liked Joe Paterno for some reason. Lilke I said, not sure why but college ball has always been more impressive to me. It may be because I think millions of dollars in salary plus endorsements is a ridiculous salary to play a game for a living but hey - what ever right?

Not much since then. Taylor was home for the game with his roommate. That was an interesting weekend. I love having T home. I always feel so much more whole when all my boys are around me. (Even though I was gone the better part of the weekend, I breath easier when they're all in town. Hey - it's a small town!)

Dalton's basketball games are so darling. He's getting better and better and is doing really well with his defensive skills in particular. He still needs a little help with his shooting ability but he's getting really good in assists, steals and rebounds too! I'm very proud! They don't keep score at this level so who knows how many games they've actually won or lost. To hear him tell it, they've won absolutely every one of their games and always by two points. No matter how many times we correct him, it's always, "Nu-uh mommy. We won! It was close too! Just two points!" So funny.

My friend Lisa and her husband got to go to the SuperBowl and had a wonderful time. I kept hoping to see them in the crowd shots but no luck. My friend Susan left the same weekend for their family vaca to Florida and WDW. I can't wait to hear all about her trip too! (I live vicariously through my friends, can you tell? ha ha ha)

Scouts had the Blue and Gold banquet this passed weekend. For those who aren't familiar with Blue and Gold, it's the annual anniversary celebration of the Boy Scouts/Cub Scouts. This year, the boy scouts turned 99 and the cubs turned 89. Additionally, our pack celebrated 20 years. It's a huge deal really and I was so proud of our little wolves. They did a great job singing and signing happy birthday to the entire banquet. Yours truly was leading and watching all those little hands. What a sight! I thought I'd retired that uniform a long time ago. What a wonderful trip taking this scouting journey with another little guy. Things have changed a little. This pack is much more involved than my last one and we do wonderful things. Hiking monthly, (which I do not go on), two annual camp outs, sleep overs in exotic places (like the Air and Space Museum and coming in May, the Virginia Zoo in Norfolk!). Our Pinewood Derby is coming in March and that's a HUGE affair. Dalton will be working on his car this week and next to get things completely ready to turn in on the 26th.

Our weather is screwy. We had snow flurries all week during the night and Saturday the temps climbed to a beautiful 64 and 69 on Sunday! It's been so bizarre and this coming weekend is supposed to be miserable again. It's a wonder we're not all hospitalized with pneumonia. No matter, we thoroughly enjoyed the day, Dalton and I.

I picked him up from a sleepover yesterday morning at 10. I had a wonderful time chatting with the other parents that were also there. One is also a scout parent so it was great fun seeing her outside of that single venue. The host was the father of two of Dalton's playmates here in the neighborhood and I enjoyed getting to know him better too. Then he and I spent the entire day together doing just Mommy Dalton things. We went to a flea market (spent NOTHING!), to McD's for his happy meal (I had a snack wrap - dang they're good!), to Wally World for pet food, to the consignment shops (again bought nothing but saw plenty that was darling!) and home. We played video games, had a visit from another friend for a while, made dinner together, watched ICarly and basically had a blast. It's been a long time since he and I had a day where I was functioning well enough to play. The cold is debilitating to me as is the heat. The temps yesterday were just so perfect with a wondeful breeze. We sat on the porch and chatted with Michelle for a while. All in all a great great day!

So, you're caught up with me now. What's up with you?


Sunday, February 1, 2009

Here I am on my soapbox again...

I got an email today that has my dander up.

Here is what I received:

NBC rejects Super Bowl ad because it contains pro-life message

30-second ad features ultrasound pictures from a baby in its mother's womb

January 30, 2009

NBC television has rejected a pro-life advertisement which
bought for a slot in the Super Bowl because the ad contains a pro-life
message. The 30-second ad features ultrasound pictures from a baby in its
mother's womb. There is nothing either graphic or political and the word
abortion is not even used. In fact, no words are spoken, only graphics that
appear on-screen. Yet, the message is extremely powerful. You can view the
ad here.

Take Action!
E-mail your comments to NBC
As of the time of this alert, NBC had not sold out all their ad slots, so
there is still time for them to reconsider.

In addition to sending an e-mail, please call NBC Entertainment at
818-840-4444. Tell the operator that you want to urge NBC to reconsider
airing the Super Bowl ad produced by

Thank you for caring enough to get involved. If you feel our efforts are
worthy of support, would you consider making a small tax-deductible
contribution to help us continue?


Donald E. Wildmon,
Founder and Chairman
American Family Association
(gifts are tax-deductible)

First off, I worked for General Electric for eight years. When I first joined the company, it was a fabulous company for which to work. They were very focused on the family and family values. Employees weren't numbers, they were people. The company actually invested in it's people.

Then "Uncle Jack", the great Jack Welch, stepped down. The company went to hell in a hat basket almost immediately. When I no longer worked for GE, it was as if a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders in many ways. That NBC (owned by General Electric) pulled this ad is really not surprising to me. It just didn't fit their liberal, "make as much money as possible and to hell with what's right", mentality.

Beyond that, it's so distressing to me what does and doesn't make it onto television. We have advertisements that are pro sex and teach our kids about using condoms.We air liquor ads using handsome men and beautiful women in lovely surroundings and then in wee small print write,"Drink Responsibly". MADD ("Mothers Against Drunk Driving") are finally coming on but their money doesn't come as easily as large corporation marketing budgets so the ratio of liquor to MADD ads is not equal by any means. We show advertisements for plastic surgeons that talk about breast enhancement, liposuction and other body "fixes" as if to say, "Gee if you're not happy with your body, we'll just help you make a 'Better' one." What does that teach our young people about self esteem and body image? We show movie advertisements that show men and women in suggestive situations. We show all this on television beginning at 8 o'clock, sometimes earlier depending on the channel, but we refuse to air a ProLife advertisement? Are you kidding me?

Please don't misunderstand. I'm all for a woman's right to choose. But just as smokers have a right to smoke, so do non smokers have their right to a smoke free dinner. While women do have the right to choose to terminate a pregnancy or carry it to term, what happens to the rights of others, Pro-Lifers and the unborn? Do they not also have the right to be heard or to be advocated?

Beer ads will most certainly be featured during the SuperBowl (Budweiser ads are always a SB favorite) but where are our priorities? The dancers during half time, as well as the cheerleaders, will be wearing tiny provocative costumes or "uniforms" and will strut their stuff in all kinds of sexual ways. We will be promoting all manner of provocative things. But we won't be promoting the very Deity that put us all here. The one being that gave us all the ability to choose, the ability to think, the ability to see, hear, learn, to have bodies that we have honed into amazingly athleltic football machines. He is the one who created us to make the best of our world for His children (young and old). We have removed God from everything and I'm sick of watching Him get shoved further and further into the background. Pretty soon it will be illegal to say His name... GOD GOD GOD! I thank Him that I have the right to choose to keep GOD in my life!

I'm not trying to be subversive, overly controversial or start arguments among my friends, but, as we are moving forward in some sort of "era of change", are we also now saying we really do NOT have an equal voice? That not ALL people are allowed their freedom to voice their opinions just as they are free to choose? I'm sick of the garbage they are showing on television during family hours. I'm tired of turning on television and hearing foul language. I'm sick of seeing people having sex on television at the 8 o'clock hour (even implied). I'm sick of hearing the innuendos. I'm sick of seeing teenagers french kissing each other and having to turn channels quickly so my eight year old actually gets to have a childhood without learning all about this stuff WAY too quickly. As if they are not getting WAY too much information in school already. (Yeah - my second grader is learning too much too soon. Isn't that my job? I did a good job with my older two - I think I'm capable of doing the same with my little one.) I'm sick of not being able to share some quality time with my family just like we did when we were young. How many of you remember gathering around the television on Sunday Nights watching Disney? How many of you remember watching Mutual of Omaho's Wild Kingdom. We can't even watch Animal Planet without seeing animals mating. Yeah it's nature but honestly, do we have to watch them during family hour?

I had my older boys involved in sports when they were young. I was appalled when I heard my then 9 year old's football coach scream out, "If I see you do that again I'll break your EFFING arm G**dammit!" All because the child didn't tackle his friend, on an opposing side, but stepped aside and let him go. I attended Youth Baseball and Youth Soccer leagues as well for mine and for friend's children. Parents on the sidelines were cussing, the coaches were heard cussing. It's disgusting!

Seems like the only good, clean times we can have with out kids involve turning off the "boob tube" and making our own fun. Game night, hiking, scouting, church activities, parks, school related things and getting together with our friends to have playdates and dinners is about the only thing we can do to promote clean family fun. Video games have foul language and promote violence, movies are often not as clean as they lead to public to believe. We really have become such a degenerative society.

I can only imagine the tears God must spill over what has become of the beauty He created so long ago.

Yeah - another soapbox subject for me - climbing down now...