Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Oh My Gosh! (posted 8-4-07)

I'm Rockin! Who knew!

My good friend Torreh, who's sense of humor and perspective on life is always one that both amuses me and helps keep me seeing things more clearly has given me the "Rockin' Girl Blog"! I consider this quite an honor and am in some highly regarded company. Names the likes of Kim, (Of Scrap-to-my-Lu and My Creative Blog fame), Jacquie (Dragonfly Designs); Abby (My Scrappy Happy World), Meghan (Meghan's Mindless Mutterings and Eventful Moments in Life) and more appear on this collection of charming and witty women.

So onward and upward we go as I attempt to find 5 more fabulous women on whom to bestow this great honor.

1) I choose my good friend Gabi. She's a terrific person and I have been blessed to know her for a good many years. She's charming, she's intelligent and she's hilarious. She's a talented scrapbooker, a member of my team. She'll also tell it like it is in a heart beat and I value that in a person. So Gabi - Here's to you! You can find her at "Going for Greatness".

2) Here's to my friend Paula. She's fabulous... just fabulous - her family, her talent, her outlook, her faith. She's an inspiration and an example to all who know her. You can find her at "Absolutely Me".

3) I have to give you to Fe McBride. She's a powerhouse of a scrapper seemingly finishing dozens of layouts in the time it takes me to simply get out my supplies. She's an avid sketch user and I think my biggest fan on Sketch It! Since I started my sketch blog, she's managed to get herself published every single month and has even been using my sketches (designed especially for her) on her digital site for challenges. How can I not be a big fan of hers too! Find Fe at "Bloom where you are planted".

4) Another darling person, though I don't know her well, is Pauline. She's just as kind a person as you'd ever want to know and another sketch fan. She too manages to get her share of the sketch spotlight in The View each month. She's fun, charming and talented too. (Do you see a pattern here? I figure if I surround myself with all these funny charming, talented people, it's bound to rub off on me eventually, yes?) Find Pauline at "A Little Bit about Scrappin Auntie".

5) Last but absolutely not least, I choose Julie. Julie is what I've always called an AmbiScrapper. (So is Fe by the way.) She scraps both paper and digital and is equally good at both. She works full time, manages to travel and be an amazing grandmother and still scrap more in a month than I can in 6. I've known Julie a long time too and I've always appreciated her candor and her style. You can find Julie at "Welcome to My World!".

Thanks again, Torreh! I hope I did you proud with my selections! My hat is off to all of you, and all the Rockin' Girl Blog recipients before me! Touche' !!

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Lissa Ballard said...

Comment from: Tracie
Hi Lissa!

I don't always take the time to read and/or respond to many blogs but for some reason I did today! Wow you named 3 of my greatest friends in your Rocker Girl Blog honors today!! I think that is so sweet of you to do so, I'm sure they will be so honored!!!

I'll have to add your blog to my list so I can check back frequently, sorry I have not prior to this!!!

Comment from: meghan
Most excellent!

Comment from: FeMcB
holy cow thanks Lissa! I'm totally flattered. I'm thinking that I'll have to think long and hard on who to nominate for this, only because most of the blogs I frequeant already have the title :).
big hugs to you!

Comment from: Gabi
CONGRATULATIONS! You deserve it!!
Oo what an awesome honor, Lis!!! Thank you SO MUCH! I have been seeing these tags around and was hoping that some day I'd get one!!

Comment from: Paula
Wowsers, Lissa! I know lots of these ladies, and I like them much as well, but you really made my eyes water! how kind of you! I think you are an awesome lady! And I very much think that your badge was well overdue!!!
Thanks for your very kind comments!!!