Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Posted 4/10/07

Well, it's a new day

Okay so I blog when I'm feeling "poetic" and I blog when I'm feeling like I've had some sort of revelation or I blog for the store... Today it's a combination of the first two.

I've come to the conclusion that, in this age of mediocrity, that seems to be trying to capture my attention, I firmly take a stand and shout a resounding NO! I WILL NOT allow mediocrity to surround me, I will NOT allow it to consume my kids and I will NOT allow myself to fall prey to it. I have so much to offer, so much to give. And if, for what ever reason, someone doesn't want my offerings in what ever fashion I have to offer them, then, quite frankly, they don't deserve them.

So, as of yesterday (no I didn't have time to blog yesterday or the day before), I make a firm resolution to, as my chosen word of the year states, PERSEVERE! I will rise above the mediocrity. I will overcome the petty challenges of poor personality matches, procrastination, lack of enthusiasm for the most beautiful gift of life, and I will persevere! I will be all that I can be. I will challenge myself to make great strides! I will overcome those things that try to bring me down. I stand here today (and I am standing) making an announcement to whomever choses to read my little space of the net, that I, Lissa Sandidge Ballard, hereby refuse to fall into a life of acceptance. I will continue to push my mind, my body and my heart. I will continue to be the best I can be not just for my children, but more importantly for me. Without their mom achieving her best, how in the world do I expect my children to strive for theirs!? I can and I WILL accept ONLY the best for my life from here on out. NOTHING but the BEST will be allowed into my heart, life, work, soul.

Out with the old and used up and in with the GREAT!

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Good for you. You go girl! You go!