Wednesday, April 23, 2008

It's a Celebration for National Scrapbook Day!

Okay Everyone... National Scrapbook Day is a scrapper's dream day and The Scrapbook Site has a ton of magic happening that day. There will be challenges, chats, games, inspirations and more and you WON'T want to miss out on your chance for the Grand Prize. Who wouldn't drool for this amazing tote? This puppy will be awarded to the person with the most points earned throughout the weekend.

This rolling tote has features galore! Inside are two removable, clear pockets on the back wall, two removable/adjustable dividers, one of which is an easel that features two small clear pockets, two mesh pockets the full width of the easel, and 28 elastic loops. On the outside, one end features a zippered pocket that houses 3 zip-lock pouches on rings, and the other end features a zippered pocket that has 2 small and one medium clear, removable pouches. The inside of zip-close lid has a large clear pouch. The front of the tote has three open pockets for a cell phone or other accessories. Made of micro-fiber material. Lining coordinates with trim color. Measures approximately 18"Hx18"Lx9"W.

There are also a few hand-held organizers, and table-top organizers that we'll give away for the drawings.


We have 2 chats scheduled with members from the Tinkering Ink Team . Betsy Veldman is on their Design Team (as well as a number of other companies) and will be joining us late morning/early afternoon for a chat. We're still nailing down an exact time. We also have Emilie Ahern coming to join us in the evening for a chat.

The Design Team is putting together some GREAT classes. We are also working on some new challenges and games to play during the day.

At the store, we're doing a huge sale, with maybe some cheap shipping too *hint hint* and also some awesome gifts with purchase!!! You'll have to wait until the crop to see all of the awesome little goodie bags that will be tossed in your order when you shop over NSD weekend.

The first prize is to be given to the person with the most points (you'll get points rewarded for every challenge, game, class, and chat you participate in).

PLUS...when you play with us, you'll get points as I said above...the more points you have, the bigger coupon code you'll get to use at the store! At the end of the day, you'll tally up your points and depending on your points, you'll get up to 25% off your order!! How great is that??!!?

So, you'll want to tell all your friends to join the board, come play with us, and we'll have a GREAT time here at the board!

So get ready - go sign up for the site, get your scrapping shoes on, your favorite snacks ready and join us for a Great Great Day! It's going to be wonderful at The Scrapbook Site on May 3rd starting at 9am Eastern Time. All the information you'll need will be in the forums.

See you there!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Who's up for a card class?

This week at The Scrapbook Site we had a great "Thank Goodness Tax Time is Over" crop Wednesday night. We had a celebrity chat with Marci from Hambly Studios and it was just great! There were some great challenges posted, some great chatter going on, and the classes were excellent. We're gearing up for another crop on National Scrapbook Day and while I probably won't be around for it, it's going to be another great time.

I thought I'd share my class with you guys! Since we were having Marci in, and since Lisa has a great selection of Hambly transparencies in the store I decided to do a transparency card. It turned out really cute. The supplies, with the exception of the ribbon and the transparency, all came from the "Tea Party" kit in the store as well. That kit was absolutely phenomenal and I'm STILL not done using it up!

So here's the class. If you make a card - please be sure to link me in the comments. I'd LOVE to see yours!

A Transparency Card for Someone Special


1 8.5 x 11 transparency
1 length of ribbon 17" long
Embellishments (two of identical shape and size and one extra)
One or Two small sentiment stamps
A scrap of patterned paper measuring at least 5" x 6" (double sided patterned paper with one side patterned and one side a plain lighter color)
One piece of coordinating cardstock
Spray Adhesive, 2.5" or larger Xyron or double sided tape
Temporary adhesive
Coordinating Ink
Small piece of soft cloth for burnishing

Cut your transparency in half (across the middle) to make a 5.5" x 8.5" piece. Fold in half and score with your bone folder to create a 5.5" x 4.25" card

Cut ribbon into two (2) 8.5" pieces. Run through your Xyron or use double sided tape to adhere ribbon to card.

Repeat outside ribbon placement on the inside of the card, exactly on top of the ribbon showing through the transparency.

Cut two (2) 2" x 2" squares from two sided patterned paper. Run both through your xyron or spray with adhesive on OPPOSITE sides. I used My Mind's Eye double Baby Girl Polka Dot/Light Rose. One side I ran through my Xyron on the Polka Dot side and one side was run through on the Light Rose side.
Adhere one of your squares of paper, patterned side up, in the center of the top half of your card. (See photo for placement.) Open card and burnish well to the front of the card with your finger covered with a soft cloth to create a uniform color is showing through the transparency.

Mat your other 2"x2" piece, plain side out on coordinating cardstock that is 2.25" x 2.25". Run through your xyron or spray with adhesive.

Open your card and add a small dot of temporary adhesive in the center of the back of the piece of patterned paper showing through the front of your card Lay your matted piece that already has adhesive on it directly on top of the square on the front of the page. Be sure you have exact placement . Remove the adhesive back and close your card. Exact placement is necessary so when you close your card you cannot see the 2"x2" piece behind the front. You should only be able to see the matted area of the inside piece.

Close the card and burnish well with your cloth covered finger as mentioned above..

On the remaining double sided paper scrap, stamp a sentiment on the plain side and cut out. Adhere to the center of the patterned paper on the front of the card.

Add one of the matching small embellishments to the lower right hand corner of the patterned paper.

Open card and match up the small embellishment on the front of the card and add the second one directly over it.

Add an additional embellishment in the center of the back of the front paper as shown.

Stamp sentiment on the inside paper allowing enough room to sign your card. Let dry.

Send your card to someone special!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Who's Up for a Crop?

This is going to be an amazing great time!

We all love crops, in person and on line. I have to tell you - I get SO MUCH done during a cyber crop. They're awesome, so filled with great inspirations, fun classes, games and challenges. The team at TSS is amazing and I can't believe I was selected to be a part of it. They are some of the most talented ladies I've ever had the privilege of scrapping with, much less being associated with - and let me tell ya - I've been associated with some amazingly talented folks.

With that being said, who wouldn't want to take a class from these ladies!

The Scrapbook Site Design Team(Click that link to go to the page that features these wonderful gals.

Design Team

(top row)Francine, Angie, Kelly (bottom row) Mollie, Lissa, Lucy


Jane and Kelly

So come on over to TSS on the 16th of April. We'll start in the morning and scrap all day. Tons of fun and prizes too!

I've had so much fun!

This kit, Tea Party, has been so much fun to play with and I"m not through yet! I've got tons of scraps left yet and have nearly completed two more layouts in addition to these.

I have completed a mini album and altered tin for Dalton to give his "Grandma" that I'll be writing up a tutorial. I've completed a card that I'm going to tease you guys with - it's for a class at the crop on the 16th at The Scrapbook Site ... (You ARE coming, aren't you??) That one is darling. It's a transparency card that is just oh too cute and I can't wait for the class. (Hint hint - you really should come!)

Then there are the two I mentioned above that are still needing titles. I was given an amazing suggestion by my good friend Susan yesterday on the companion page for one of them and I can't wait to find just the right photo for it. I'll share both layouts when I get the companion page completed. I have to order something first to complete it.

Not to mention the two I've got in page kit stage! I'm telling you, these kits are phenomenal! I'm amazed at how much I've already done from the kit and have so much more to play with. I cannot wait for next month!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I just have to show off these two new kits...

These kits are wonderful. I've been working with the Tea Party kit and the quality of these items is just beautiful. You won't go wrong with either of them.

Here is the Tea Party kit:

Here are two layouts I've completed so far with this kit. I will be showing these off on the Sketch It! blog as well as they go with a small article I wrote about sketches and taking the "fear" factor out of them. Take a peek at the close up of the crackle paint. This stuff is amazing! I had a blast just watching it crackle before my eyes!

Crackle Paint close up when dried:

and here is the Super Star Kit:

Now you have to read the reviews on the site about these two - they're fantastic. I couldn't have said it better myself!

Tea Party Kit Reveal by Kelly

Super Star Kit reveal by Angie

Don't get too tied up and forget to shop for yours today at A Walk Down Memory Lane

Go! Now! What are you waiting for??? Stop reading already and go shopping!!!

I've been Tagged! - TWICE!

And I'm a bad blogger - I've neglected both of them so here goes... Since the tag was the same one on both I'll do it once and tag away! So for all you "tagees" I AM the tagger and well... you can blame Gale and Jess! HA HA HA

Here goes...

1. List 7 random facts about yourself.
2. List 7 people you're tagging.
3. Go leave them a bit of blog love letting them know you've tagged them.
4. When they DO post their tag, be sure and leave some blog love again showing them your post.

So here goes... (I've done this a couple times so please forgive if I've told you some random things before.. truthfully, I'm a pretty boring person with a pretty normal life!)

1. I'm terribly shy. I can talk on line all the time - can even talk on the phone. Put me in a party or in a room of strangers and you'll find me next to to the wall blending in with the flowers on the wallpaper... yep - I'm a wallflower.

2. I love music and color. I tend to hear things in color, expecially music... I can see waves of color floating by me when I listed to music with my eyes closed.

3. I love photography and got my first camera when I was 10. I got my first SLR with I was 18 but when the auto focus came out I got lazy... ROFL...

4. I can't remember a time in my life when I wasn't doing something crafty. I got my start with the 1964 issue of ChildCraft books - volume 9 - all about crafts. Yep - lots of way cool fun things to do in there for a crafty kid!

5. Yes... I'm old enough to have been able to read the 1964 ChildCraft volume when we got it in 1966.

6. I always wanted to be a professional singer and stage actor.

7. When I was in first grade I could stand against the wall and touch my toes on one foot toe the wall behind my head... yes - from a standing position in ballet. And no, I didn't fall... Now, I can't stand with two feet on the floor without tipping...

So my tag...

I tag

1. Jo
2. Jodi
3. Kelly
4. Angie
5. Jane
6. Nik
7. Tara