Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Posted 2/7/07

Scrapper's are a relentless sort!

Has anyone noticed how relentless scrappers are? We never give up. No matter what life hands us, we just keep going. Illness, health, good times and bad, we just keep going. We might take a little time off, but we always seem to jump right back on the horse and keep trotting.

Well, here's to tenacity, to love of the craft, for pursuing our own dream of the perfect layout and to just plain enjoying being around other people who are just as nuts as we are. It's good to know we're all in such excellent company.

I suppose it's another word for persevere...

And to leave you with some eye candy -

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Lissa Ballard said...

Comment from: Jodi
Aww... he is precious! Great lo too!

Comment from: Angel
Aaww. So cute! What fun he must be, Lissa. Cherish your time with him.

Comment from: Jacquie [Visitor] Email
What a great layout Lissa.
Love your positivity? Or is it positiveness? lol Either way ... LOVE IT!

Comment from: abby
LOVE that, Lis! I do believe he looks like YOU! Lovin' all the eye candy you have on here! I need to stop by more often. YOu are now bookmarked! XOXXO!

Comment from: Nik
This layout rocks Lis...
I think what you have written in here is too true. I know that when I am depressed or sick or whatever I just have to sit and look at my scrap stuff for a bit and I am off and running...

Comment from: Paula
Loverly, Lissa! Such beautiful words for this entry, and such beautiful LO as well! Those dimples are SOOO CUTE!!!

Comment from: kim
look at that face! So cute. Love the layout too.