Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Posted 1/27/07

Scraps N Stuff

One of my ways I decided to "persevere" this year was to scrap my little heart out and do the work I really wanted to do. That included improving the magazine as well as improving my scrapping. I'm getting there. I've pretty much taken nearly a year off from scrapping, only doing projects here and there and not really putting too terribly much thought into it.

I was actually admonished by a friend of mine who asked me, "How do you run a scrapping site but you never seem to scrap? Don't you think your team needs to see something from you too?" When I thought about what she'd said, it clicked with me that even though the site work takes a tremendous amount of time, it's true - I don't scrap nearly enough. How can I possibly hope to be inspiring to my team if I don't support their challenges and projects and scrap right along with them? So, this year, I've been really getting involved with it.

Here are a couple recent "scraps" of my efforts:

Made from the MemoryWorks Express January 2007 Kit. (I added the ruffle from some of Mom's stash.)

Another project completed with the MemoryWorks Express Kit from January 2007. The only thing I added was the button.

one for the Design Team Member Challenge of the Month for January 2007. The challenge was to create a layout using colors and products that reflect the true you.

A Sketch of the Month challenge layout for January. This was LOTS of fun and had LOTS of bling! (The technique of the month for January too!)

This was the color and technique of the month challenge layout. I really enjoyed using all that bling for this layout. Having all boys, I seldom get to use too much bling on stuff!

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Lissa Ballard said...

Comment from: jodi
Great job on all your lo's and your clipboard!

Comment from: Jacquie
OMG Girl. It's so good to see work from you! I love your work. You are so inspiring and so fantastic!!! I can't wait to see more and more!

Comment from: Paula
Oh me, oh my!!! This is LOVERLY my dear!!! I love them all, but specially the "How do I love thee?" Wonderful work my friend!

Comment from: Angel
Absolutley beautiful, Lissa! I've always loved your style. Just awesome. I'm so glad to see you scrapping, again. You've still got it, babe! :)