Wednesday, September 5, 2007

How Do You... (posted 5-25-07)

do it, wade through the muck day after day? I could use some ideas. How to keep pushing through the muddy stuff, knowing that if you make it through the mud, there's an amazing meadow of all that is good and beautiful on the other side?

It really pertains to everything, like months of scrapper's block (the mud) only to keep trudging through and finding the perfect layout that you just created on the other side of all those treacherous months of wading.

Or a seemingly unending run of unhappiness in your job only to find your dream job just falling in your lap.

Or what seemed like forever your child had trouble with school and one day the light bulb came on and WOW! They got it! They really really got it!

So, let's hear your tips. I want your pointers.

I'm wading through some muck and I'm faithful that the meadow is on the other side. I'm actually certain of it! Most days that gets me through, my faith. Sometimes, I need more. Sometimes I need glimpse of the promise. If I'm really good and patient, I can catch a wee small glimmer of what's waiting for me. (Thank goodness for faith right?) Sometimes I need a little more. I think today I may need a little more. Not sure how to get over this hump but I know it will pass. Maybe a little hint where the edge of this big mud puddle is would be nice?

Anyone else wading through the muck lately?

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Lissa Ballard said...

Comment from: Nik
I am always in mud Lis. I swear by my magazines. But when they fall to work I sit at my computer and look at all the gorgeous photos on my little girl. That never ceases to fail!!

Comment from: Jacquie
You make it through each and every day knowing that tomorrow will always be better. If tomorrow ends up not being better than you know that tomorrow will be better.

To get me through the rough times, I remember the times when I didn't know what to do and I was led and it turned out so beautifully! Think to the past to see the future Hon!

Hope this helps.

Comment from: tspwlv
Well I for one have faith in you. You always seem to rise above it all and persevere. You'll do it this time too, and will be the better for it when you get to your beautiful meadow. Hang in there sweetie.