Wednesday, September 5, 2007

It's Done! (posted 8-30-07)

I've worked, manipulated, purged and moved until I'm cross eyed I think. Here's the end result...

What you can't see is that between the last photos and this one, someone gave my little one a gaming computer (ya, traditional desk top with a really deep heavy monitor keyboard, speakers etc.). There was no where to put it so they all elected my scrap table.

I finally decided since he's used his little table for nothing more than to gather "stuff" I would utilize it as a table for his monitor. I've got his own little computer set up right next to my area in the kitchen where he will be able to link into the router (once I get new phones - long story for another day). I'm delighted to have my scrap area set up! Now to get my friends up here!

Wanna come anyone?


Scrappy Moments said...

Ths is a Great Space, And so Organized!I wish I had a Scrapbook Room and More Space. I keep telling my oldest, we only have 4 more years till I get her room as a Scrap Room, LOL. She's 14 :)


erica922 said...

wow that's a looking good room:):):
i have one of those monitors too lol lol
have to upgrade to flat screen uh?? lol lol
love the pic dear tfs