Friday, February 27, 2009

This is way too funny not to share!!!!

Okay - for my family and friends who have known me a while, you all know I"m a strawberry blonde. In the summer, my hair got more red and my skin became one of two things - 1) One MASSIVE freckle or 2) burned to a crisp because I'm so fair skinned. Never mind I'm grey now. Never mind my real hair color took a vacation about 10 years ago. Never mind I'm letting my natural hair color grow out again and I'm NOT thrilled that I'm no longer strawberry blonde but grey. My mom was auburn/red. My sister is auburn/red. My grandfather (maternal) was a red head. My aunt was a red head. I come from a long line of beautiful red heads.


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BunnyKissd said...

Red-heads are so pretty... ^-^

Thank you for sharing this funny history lesson! LOL!