Monday, March 2, 2009

He makes me laugh!!

Check this out to see what's got Dalton all shakey shakey! This was shot last night about 10 pm (yes, he was still up and wide open at 10pm). Once you see the video, you'll know why!

And now you'll get to see why he's still sleeping and will likely be sleeping until around 10 this morning!

See that branch (yes, a whole branch) on the ground that's all covered up? That blew out of the tree last night when the 57 mph wind gusts started hitting. My wind chimes were singing so loudly and this morning, they're all tangled up!

Look at those cute kitty tracks. Aren't they sweet! He was SO ready to come back inside this morning after doing his business. So funny!

The front yard rope swing.

The porch with all the icicles hanging from the roof. And yes, it's still snowing.

These are the backyard photos. We're getting some really strong winds and temperatures that had gotten to 34 are on the way down again. It's the second of our snow systems coming through.

Taylor called me yesterday from Longwood about 5:30 SO excited because they were getting snow, snow and more snow! He and his friends had already been out in it and I know he's thrilled. They got a lot more in Farmville than we did here in Williamsburg to be sure. Daddy's snowed in too and I'm glad he's staying in out of this mess!

It's a SNOW DAY!! Have fun today!



Ronnie McCray said...

Looks like Dalton had the opportunity to have a lot of fun! My boys always have a hey day when there are snow days! My husband included in the ones out there sledding around and having a lot of fun!

Hope you guys stay warm!

Carmen said...

Wasn't that snow fun?

It's nice to find another area blogger!