Monday, February 9, 2009


So much time so little to report. Let's see... The Super Bowl was awesome. My team won and I thank everyone who also pulled for and cheered on the Mighty Steelers. I've been watching them since I was a little girl and Terry Bradshaw was playing. (Yeah - talk about dating yourself.) For some reason, he was one of my favorite players. My parents never made a huge deal out of the SuperBowl or Football but for some reason I always enjoyed it. I find myself enjoying college football much more. I've been a Va Tech fan for years as well as a Penn State fan as well. Not sure why PSU but I've always liked Joe Paterno for some reason. Lilke I said, not sure why but college ball has always been more impressive to me. It may be because I think millions of dollars in salary plus endorsements is a ridiculous salary to play a game for a living but hey - what ever right?

Not much since then. Taylor was home for the game with his roommate. That was an interesting weekend. I love having T home. I always feel so much more whole when all my boys are around me. (Even though I was gone the better part of the weekend, I breath easier when they're all in town. Hey - it's a small town!)

Dalton's basketball games are so darling. He's getting better and better and is doing really well with his defensive skills in particular. He still needs a little help with his shooting ability but he's getting really good in assists, steals and rebounds too! I'm very proud! They don't keep score at this level so who knows how many games they've actually won or lost. To hear him tell it, they've won absolutely every one of their games and always by two points. No matter how many times we correct him, it's always, "Nu-uh mommy. We won! It was close too! Just two points!" So funny.

My friend Lisa and her husband got to go to the SuperBowl and had a wonderful time. I kept hoping to see them in the crowd shots but no luck. My friend Susan left the same weekend for their family vaca to Florida and WDW. I can't wait to hear all about her trip too! (I live vicariously through my friends, can you tell? ha ha ha)

Scouts had the Blue and Gold banquet this passed weekend. For those who aren't familiar with Blue and Gold, it's the annual anniversary celebration of the Boy Scouts/Cub Scouts. This year, the boy scouts turned 99 and the cubs turned 89. Additionally, our pack celebrated 20 years. It's a huge deal really and I was so proud of our little wolves. They did a great job singing and signing happy birthday to the entire banquet. Yours truly was leading and watching all those little hands. What a sight! I thought I'd retired that uniform a long time ago. What a wonderful trip taking this scouting journey with another little guy. Things have changed a little. This pack is much more involved than my last one and we do wonderful things. Hiking monthly, (which I do not go on), two annual camp outs, sleep overs in exotic places (like the Air and Space Museum and coming in May, the Virginia Zoo in Norfolk!). Our Pinewood Derby is coming in March and that's a HUGE affair. Dalton will be working on his car this week and next to get things completely ready to turn in on the 26th.

Our weather is screwy. We had snow flurries all week during the night and Saturday the temps climbed to a beautiful 64 and 69 on Sunday! It's been so bizarre and this coming weekend is supposed to be miserable again. It's a wonder we're not all hospitalized with pneumonia. No matter, we thoroughly enjoyed the day, Dalton and I.

I picked him up from a sleepover yesterday morning at 10. I had a wonderful time chatting with the other parents that were also there. One is also a scout parent so it was great fun seeing her outside of that single venue. The host was the father of two of Dalton's playmates here in the neighborhood and I enjoyed getting to know him better too. Then he and I spent the entire day together doing just Mommy Dalton things. We went to a flea market (spent NOTHING!), to McD's for his happy meal (I had a snack wrap - dang they're good!), to Wally World for pet food, to the consignment shops (again bought nothing but saw plenty that was darling!) and home. We played video games, had a visit from another friend for a while, made dinner together, watched ICarly and basically had a blast. It's been a long time since he and I had a day where I was functioning well enough to play. The cold is debilitating to me as is the heat. The temps yesterday were just so perfect with a wondeful breeze. We sat on the porch and chatted with Michelle for a while. All in all a great great day!

So, you're caught up with me now. What's up with you?


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