Friday, February 20, 2009

It's here, It's here!

Remember the movie "The Jerk" with Steve Martin when he got all excited because the new phonebooks were in and he was in it? That's how I felt when I got my new book in the mail.

It's not really MY book but I'm on the first page. I'm pretty certain that anyone who publishes in these journals gets to have their own poem on the first page, but it still feels darn special and I loved getting it. Twice now!

My new poem was published in another journal (the second one I've had published now) and I got it just recently. To have been published twice now in a hardbound book makes me feel so good! My dream is to have my own book of poetry published one day so I'm hoping this is just the start of that dream coming to life.

My Forever Love is my newest published work. Standing in the Rain was my first. You can find them both HERE. It may not be the greatest, but it's mine. I have another 160 pages of poetry I'd love to put into a volume. Maybe that's my next step. Maybe that's what I need to do - go ahead and just take the plunge. I'll have to get busy with my illustrations too. We'll see what the future brings.

For now, I'm just REALLY happy. My new book is here, my new poetry book is here - and I'm on page one!

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Ronnie McCray said...

Yeah you! That is so wonderful to hear that you are a published poet! I bet that is just the beginning of one of your dreams! So much still yet to follow! The Lord is blessing you in many ways, Lissa!

I hope life has been treating you well!

The Lord has been blessing me in many ways! And I feel as if he is dealing with me right now, leading me in a certain direction!

May the good Lord keep blessing you, Lissa!

I've missed you, also!