Tuesday, February 17, 2009

President's Day Weekend and Valentine's

We had a lovely Valentine's Day Saturday followed by loads of fun for Dalton and Mommy.

Friday night was a lovely dinner party at my girlfriend Lisa's house. Loads of great food we all contributed and great company. A little drama but nothing that won't go away with time. That's a story for another post, but basically, my little guy is being abused (severly bullied) by several kids at school and it carried over to the dinner party. Long story short (boy what a joke), Dalton learned a good thing or two and the other kids have maybe learned something. Let's just pray that his days of having to come home from school from being stressed are over.

So, fast forward to Saturday, Valentine's Day. Dalton and I made candy! It was such fun! We only had two different molds to use. I thought I had more and will have to remedy that by this time next year but the ones we had worked well. We had red candy melts and light cocoa candy melts (Gotta Love Wilton's!) and we had such fun painting the candy molds! (Yep - with a paint brush dipped in chocolate!)

When we were running some errands, Lisa told us about a sale at the grocery store on Lobster tails (2 for $10!!!) so I had to quick quick like a bunny run up to the store and purchase four for dinner. We had an amazing surf and turf. (I'd purchased rib eyes several weeks ago when they were on sale for $2.89 a pound. What a deal!!) We had au gratin potatoes and asparagus too along with a bottle of wine that never even got opened! Dessert was valentine cupcakes with our heart candies on top. It was a great dinner! We were sufficiently stuffed to be sure and our taste buds were delighted to say the least.

Sunday we had a ton of fun! My friend Susan invited us to a Daytona party at a friend's home. As much of a "wallflower" as I can be in places where I know no one, it was really a great time. The host and hostess were so great and talkative, making everyone feel so welcomed. Their home was just beautiful and it was so nice to be meeting new folks. I'd love to live in a place like they do. Country but not and apparently the school system is fantastic. I'd love to see us able to move to something like that one day.

We left before the race was over because Susan and Lisa (a different Lisa) and I had dinner and movie plans. We dropped Dalton off with Daddy with plans to work on his Pinewood Derby car and left for Susan's house to drop off hers and pick up the little car. (She's got a hybrid I truly covet!) After picking up Lisa, we took off for New Town and got a wonderful burrito at California Tortilla before hitting the movies (we'd pre purchased our tickets) to "He's Jut ot That Into You". We loved dinner and the movie was terrific. Great chick flick. We all three laughed out loud and cried a little too and shared fun stories afterwards. Funny how we learn just how human we all are.

When I got home, Kevin had surprised me. Not only had they nearly completed Dalton's pinewood derby car (he's done a great job and I can't wait to see how he paints it), Kevin had cut a second car. I asked if he was doing the Colonial Crossing's car (for the corporate race) and his reply was just so sweet. He said, "No honey, I'm doing this for your business!" He's entering Untamed Spirit into the corporate race. Painting the car plum crazy purple and allowing me my flowers and flourish too. I'm pretty stoked about it and about the free advertising it will bring too.

(Dalton and me in the photobooth at Ripley's. ====>>>)

As if the weekend hadn't been great enough, Monday was President's Day and the kids were out of school. Dalton had been having such a rough time, we decided to do something totally out of the ordinary. He'd been wanting to go to the Ripley's Believe or Not museum and so we went. It was ridiculously expensive but fun nonetheless. Afterward we went to Arby's for a late lunch before coming home in time for Basketball practice.

Dalton in front of a sign just outside the museum.
Dalton and the world's largest man, weighing more than 1500 pounds.

Dalton and mom at Arby's after the museum.

Look at that smile. I'd say the day was worth it just looking at that adorable face!

All in all a fabulous day and a terrific end to a wonderful weekend.

On another note, my computer and email are still messed up. I'm having a horrible time and pray I'm able to rid my computer of the viruses that are killing it. Each day my scan finds more and more. I'm able to send sporadically and unable to receive. I'm thinking I need to go the library to get my email. I have no idea how many I've missed but considering I typically get between 400 and 800 a DAY the contents of my inbox is going to be downright frightening.

The other frightening part is the idea of having to shell out more money that I want to part with to have someone fix it for me. I'm on the verge of calling several companies for estimates. I've called Geek Squad and can't afford them. There are several others here in town. They all have great reputations but you get what you pay for. If I want a working virus free computer, it's gonna cost me...

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend as well!

Blessings all around,

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