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Today I received a post from a wonderful site to which I subscribe to several daily newsletters. One in particular was entitled, "We All Reflect The Same Sun". I've been discussing this same topic recently with my son and my scouts with regard to the words ".... under God, ..." as mentioned in the Pledge of Allegiance. Of course, I have, along with my other family (extended too)members discussed at great length the notion that it's all one God, different names. The title of this passage on Beliefnet brought me back to it again.

We All Reflect the Same Sun
Friday February 20, 2009
Categories: By Valerie Reiss, Fresh Morning

"The sun shines down, and its image reflects in a thousand different pots filled with water. The reflections are many, but they are each reflecting the same sun. Similarly, when we come to know who we truly are, we will see ourselves in all people." --Amma, the Hugging Saint

I love Ammachi for her tireless compassion, endless stream of hugging (she embraces tens of thousands of people a year), incredible social work, and vast patience. She's also a constant reminder of what's really true and important. A BS-free guru.

I'm going to go about this one backwards, so just bear with me for a minute. First, I have to say I truly appreciate touchy feely folks like me who hug. I am a hugger. I hug people I've never met before, I hug people I'm meeting if the notion strikes me, I hug people I know who might not feel huggy, I hug people when they are relating sad stories and need a hug, I hug people when they are happy and share with me. I hug. I LOVE to hug. I think the basic human experience of touching, in a non-sexual, very platonic, "I'm here with you" way brings about a healing many people don't even realize they need. I've always been like this. I've hugged from the time I was very small. There are times in my live where I've received very spontaneous hugs that have totally turned my mood; been just what I needed, despite the fact I didn't even know I needed it!

Secondly, how can anyone argue the point about everyone seeing their reflections from the same sun. The only differential is the eyes through which the seeing is acknowledged. Even our own eyes can see ourselves and others differently at different times, based on our experiences and the happenings in our lives at that moment.

What doesn't change is the person behind the eyes. The eyes aren't the seeing parts. The "SEEING" part, well, that's the heart. The heart with which we make our emotional decisions, on which we base our real selves and allow ourselves to really see. It's easy to look at someone's clothing and see what they look like. It's harder to look passed the clothing and feel who they are. You can only do that with your heart. By the same token, how we do that is a reflection of who we are.

For example, if we are to look at someone and truly see a well dressed snob we're looking with eyes. It's possible that is someone who might have one really nice outfit and wants to put her best foot forward. She wears it to the shopping center not just to feel good but also so she's not improperly judged by those who are not "seeing". It definitely lends us two very different points of view. One is shallow and without much substance. The other allows for the opportunity of depth, of love, of dimension, of opportunity. We open opportunities for people to be capable of human emotion. We open the door for others vulnerabilities to become part of what makes them unique, wonderful people. It opens the door to seeing them as people who have emotions and can show us perspectives we've never seen before as opposed to a unidimensional stick figure.

When we do that, we are using the reflections of our hearts to see people. We stop seeing with our eyes and brains and start seeing with our hearts. Our hearts are capable of seeing so much more! While our eyes can see color, our hearts can feel it. While our eyes can see a smile, our hearts feel the smile.

How our hearts react to what we see is what makes us a true reflection of God. While our eyes can see someone coming forward to hug us, it is the reflections of love from our hearts that allow ourselves to be hugged. Open your heart and let the sun shine in it. Start allowing yourself to see the reflections of the sun with your heart light. After all, if a little tiny ET can teach us so much about "Heart Lights" then there must be something there. He was truly seeing the best kind of reflection!

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