Sunday, January 4, 2009

My new word for 2009

I've done this for a couple years now. My words in the past have been Persevere (2007) and 2008 saw me working towards being Exhuberent.

This year I think my new word is going to be Faithful. There are so many things about which one can be faithful. I'll be faithful to my crafting. I'll be faithful to my groups in posting and not being so much of a lurker. I'll be faithful in doing more with my friends (locally) instead of being a wall flower and wishing I was more involved. I'll be faithful in my efforts to getting my boys to accept their responsibilities both here and at school/work. I'll be faithful in being a good wife to my husband (that does not imply I've been unfaithful as in cheating on my dh). I will be faithful to my children in that I will continue to be uplifting to them, diligent in my parental responsibilities, loving while being strong and keeping a firm hand. (I do tend to be a softie and I know it. Personally I don't see anything wrong with being a softie but it has interfered with helping my oldest see his role in life more seriously.) I will be faithful in being a good daughter and sister. I'll be more faithful as a daughter to my daddy. He needs more of me than I've given, particularly lately, and I mean to change that. He's the best daddy ever and I know that there are things he needs to me to take a more active role in. (Such as helping him get out of his house and into a retirement community.)

I'll be more faithful to my sister, BIL and the kids. I've been so absent in the last 6 months. I know my health has played a role in that but I don't want to miss their years. I don't want them to feel I'm a fair weather friend/sister/SIL/aunt. I want them to know I'm with them no matter what!

Most of all, I'll be faithful. I'll give the Lord his daily due, I'll be faithful in my diligence as a Christian, a minister, a daughter of the Lord. I'll be faithful in my responsibilities of prayer.

Very simply, I'm going to be more faithful!


Tara O'Rourke said...

Love that you do this and love your choice of words this year.

Jodi said...

That is cool that you pick a word for the year.