Monday, January 12, 2009

Sharing Blog Love...

I was directed to another scrapper's site the other day. We paper crafters are a wonderful bunch. It is common for all of us to be supportive and appreciative of all other paper crafters. We encourage each other, we give each other kudos, we give our input when asked (not unsolicited - please that's just rude) and we pat each other on the back when we see it's needed. We are basically very uplifting to each other.

We pass along each other's blogs and share for many reasons. One, we LOVE looking at other's work. It's so dang inspiring to see the amazing and beautiful work others do. And two, we could (and sometimes do) spend hours looking at other crafters blogs just to drool over their crafting spaces, see their amazing work and get inspired to go into our own rooms and create.

Another thing crafters are is supportive financially when we can be of each others creativity. We support each others stores, ebay auctions and etsy endeavors. We buy from each other on our yahoo groups and trade with each other in swaps. It's always been difficult to know what to charge people for finished work and we all seem to hem and haw over what we consider a fair price. I was sent a blog link the other day regarding a gal named Carla who is also known as "The Avid Scrapper". Her blog is located here: The Avid Scrapper. She does amazing work and creates phenomenal pages, paper piecings and albums. I'm in awe of her talent. When exploring her blog even more, I found, in her sidebar, one of the most well stated essays on why we are entitled to the prices we assign to our pieces when we do choose to sell them.

I was stunned when I read it. It was so on point and exactly what my husband and a friend and I had been discussing just days before reading her blog ~ literally almost verbatim. I think it's definitely worth reading and remembering. Now, that's not to say I agree with the single two page spread that garners a whopping $250 plus, BUT, it's not my money... Someone wants to throw - er pay - that much money for a page that's their deal and good for the person who created that masterpiece! I do however believe that people deserve to be paid for their work fairly. Check it out. Go to the blog "The Avid Scrapper" and read her sidebar. I think you'll all agree!

(While you're there, be inspired! She does amazing work!)


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