Saturday, March 8, 2008

A question to ponder

A long time ago, in what seems like another lifetime, I received a wonderful TLC kit that was all about why I scrap. At that time I created a fun little mini album (this was when I fell in love with mini's and created 5 in a span of about 3 months).

The title of the album was "So they will know". While I abandoned the majority of the comments from the kit, the one that really spoke to me was this:

" I believe that scrapbooking is a perfect gathering place for everything we cherish in this life. This album is for my loved ones so they will know why I scrapbook."

I included various quips from life that I wrote or printed onto vellum (hot at the time) such as "Prayers go up and blessings come down!" and "Life is shat you make it... You will only get as much out of it as you put into it, so BE GENEROUS!"

Recently I had a chance to revisit this album when a friend on one of my message boards posted the question, "Why do you scrap?" I quickly posted my response and wondered if my thoughts had changed much since I created this little mini. What do you think?

"I scrap so that when I'm gone, there will be proof that I didn't always want to string up my kids by their toenails and once upon a time, we did fun things!

All kidding aside, I did an entire album of why I scrap. I scrap so they'll have a record of our family for future generations, so they'll have record of their past, so they'll know where our roots are, so they'll have an idea of where we've been to give where they're going more direction.

I scrap because I love them..."

It's not so far off from my original thoughts. A little more refined and yet simplified. I guess it really does all boil down to scrapping because I love them.

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