Thursday, February 28, 2008

As promised

I promised you the rest of the photos from my scrap room so here they are!

This is my tall cabinet to the right of my desk area. All labeled nicely. Those funny things on the top shelf are actually "cases" for small round and heart shaped mini albums I'll be making for my dad and sister.

This is the small cabinet to the left of my chair. (Behind my Cricut.) You can see my computer tower along with my high school and college albums (horror - the magnetic type of photo album too!). The mini albums there are empties waiting for "stuff". The bottom shelf is my middle son's old Cub Scout hat, extra spiral notebooks (can you ever have too many new spiral notebooks?) and my sticker keeper.

This is the small cabinet to the right of my seat. Top shelf is completed minis that won't fit above. Bottom shelf is magazines and idea books.

This is the top cabinet above my tall cabinet. Inside it are more mags and idea books, My Creative Companion and about two years worth of the fun idea pages from Photos and Memories, my "Girls Night Out" Wine glass, my sewing supplies and my extras to alter.

That's it - all of it! Now you've seen "behind" the doors and have a keen idea of just how much "junk" I've got to scrap with!

I think, in all honesty, I could scrap for the next 10 years without buying new product. Ya think?


RayneScraps Designs said...

frankly i think it is totally disgusting that you are so dang organized rotflmao. YAYA :-)

Nicole Carro said...

I love seeing other people's scrap spaces! So cool. I'm getting my own scrap room when we move into the new excited after seeing yours.

Stacey Michaud said...

Great space! I'm with you on the "being organized" part. And yes, you don't HAVE to buy a thing...