Saturday, February 2, 2008

The wrong question to have asked me....

On one of my favorite Yahoo groups today, the question of the day was:

What are you sick & tired of hearing about in the media? (i.e. Britney, Heath, Anna Nicole etc)

Oh my gosh, what a question for me..... I like to think I'm a pretty good mom, thoughtful first about the well being and proper upbringing for my kids and putting my own needs and desires second. They are my children! They are completely dependant on me to lead them down the correct paths, learn to make the right decisions, learn to eventually take care of themselves and be kind, fair and just to themselves and others. It's my responsibility to teach them how to behave. It's not easy and making the right decisions for your children is a learning process and not always simple or easy. But God (Allah, Budda, what ever you call your Lord) did NOT promise raising children was easy when He blessed us with them. No one ever said LIFE was easy. But He did ask us to raise them in His word.

All that being said, here's my diatribe for today in response to the question asked.
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Brittney... leave the poor child alone already. She wasn't ready for any of it and she had a HORRIBLE mother who seemingly was motivated by the glitz, glam and money attached to her children't success... What a horrible role model...............

Anna Nicole - OMGosh, the poor woman is dead let her rest in peace... as if she wasn't tortured enough by herself, her stepson and everyone else -

Heath - What a horrible tragedy... leave it at that...

Wesley - get over it already, he was acquitted

Paris - she's too skinny - she's a snob without much talent and well, she's a spoiled little rich girl with REALLY bad manners - let it go already people

Nicole Richie... Good Lord that poor child needs help...

Perez - heavens that man will do anything for attention I think...

Lindsay Lohan
- she's beautiful, she's talented and she got hit with way too much body too fast. She never even had time to figure out what to do with herself much less her money and her blooming sexuality... talk about hounded - no wonder she turned to drugs, boys and booze - she had to escape somehow..

I hate Paparazzi (see blog entry here

I think if these people were just normal folks like you and I they never would have had the invasions into their lives they've had. Actors and actresses are not normal people though because they've chosen to be entertainers. Does that mean that we have a license to delve into every single part of their lives? If we would stop advertising every move they make they might be able to spend some time making better decisions. Then again, if we didn't make the photos so sensational, and we would have some rules about how old child actors have to be before we start photographing their every move, then maybe they could find ways to stay away from the papparazzi better and avoid looking at themselves splashed over every tabloid, magazine and getting big heads over it. Stop plying them with money (which is indeed the root of all evil I think) and tempting them with so so much more without explaining the perils and pitfalls of it all. I think child actors should have legal representation appointed by the courts and overseen by child advocacy agencies so that their parents cannot exploit them (think MacCauley Culkin, the Spears kids and more) and decisions can be made more on the behalf of the child's well being and not the pocketbook. Sure it means money is paid to someone but for heaven's sake, these children are growing up way too fast with little to no appropriate supervision and have no idea how to handle fame, fortune and any of the pressure that comes with it.


Okay - I'm done......... sorry - you asked and I fell right into it didn't I..... LOL

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