Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Been workin' on my Scrap Space!

Gotta tell ya, I'm loving "my space". It's clean, organized and beautiful. I've got it all just how I want it and I'm very pleased.

Don't I look happy to be in here? I LOVE my space!

A good picture of my happy place.

My scrappy desk, where all the creating happens for me.

This is my wall shelf, my Primas (minus the three jars that are currently in use on my scrap table today!); my silk flowers and my paints.

All my paper. I keep my papers organized by color, even within their respective collections. I have to keep them bundled up because of the cats. There seems to be an unending blur of cat fur in my house and I don't want it on my pages, finished or unfinished!

How can you not love yummy ribbon! I LOVE my ribbon jars. Aren't they fun??

My sterlite cart is my right hand. I love everything that's in there. I need a second one so I can get what's in my closet out in the open. (I'll post those pics tomorrow.)

This is the first of two chipboard buckets I have. This one in particular holds loose letters, office supply type chipboard, hearts, flowers, arrows, frames and colored chipboard.

This is my second chipboard bucket. In here I have mini albums and some collections that didn't fit in the other one. I love my little buckets!

This is the big drawer that holds my big chipboard... the pieces that are in excess of 6-8 inches or so. I also keep the sheets from which they were punched to use as a template later!


Edleen said...

wow Lissa! love your scrap space! although i feel it's like a scrap store!!!

have a great day!

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

I am thrilled that you FINALLY have your own space! THRILLED! You also look fabulous!

Sassette said...

Lissa, I bet you are totally in heaven having your very own scrap space! It all looks fabulous! WTG on creating such a wonderful space.

NikJustNik said...

You look beautiful babe... totally loving your room now..

LaY hOoN said...

Lissa, It' really a beautiful scrap area you have here.