Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Recognition and Touch

Day 4 of the Lazarus Experiment:  Today was about realizing that each day brings new beginnings.  Today Lazarus (aka Lissa) decided not to waste any more time with "lack of recognition".  Today I recognized that others need "touches".  By a touch I mean, little things.  We all have "Stuff'.  We don't need more stuff, we need human interaction.  I cannot imagine a more amazing gift than to be able to reach out and hug someone who really needs it or who has suddenly been raised from the dead.  If my brother had been raised from his tomb, suddenly alive, I would grab him and hug him tight and not let go for fear the dream would end, I'd wake up and he would still be entombed.

Touches can come in the form of hugs, gestures, a voice message, a light touch, a phone call, a note in a lunch box or coat jacket and more.

Today I realized my youngest son and my daughter in law both needed touches.  Dalton's touch was a hug from mommy, some soft words instead of more harsh ones.  He misbehaved and was unkind and rude and attempted to exact change with harsh words and unkindness instead of telling me really what was on his mind.  i offered him gentle guidance when he needed reassurance  Rather than fuss with him, we talked it out, touched hands, hugged each other and had a prayer.  Instead of getting out of the car for school angry and hurt, he left with hope, understanding, realization and love.  it was a delightful change from the  mornings when his emotions get the best of him.

My daughter in law was bored.  She's pregnant and stuck without a car way out in the country with nothing around her but trees.  She was hungry and frustrated and whining.  She needed touches, she needed company, she needed conversation, she needed someone to care that she was alone and not feeling well (she has terrible "all day sickness").  I picked her up, ran some errands, and talked - a lot!  We talked for two hours straight.  We had a great time, learned more about each other.  I let her vent her frustrations and just listened to her.  Afterward, we both got what we needed.  I got the opportunity to learn more about my daughter in law, whom I love; she got her touches.  We always part with a hug and an "I love you."  it's beautiful and I do love her so very much.

It was lovely to get my own touches today too.  After recognizing my own struggle with mistreating my temple, I kept a date with a friend to "work out in the water".  She developed a lovely aerobic plan for me for stretching, strengthening and toning my body and poorly used muscles.  Despite my joint pain, being int he water with a friend who was both helpful and loads of fun to be with gave me a "twofer"; exercise and a friend to share with.

With all that, I also recognized God's hand in all I did today.  I didn't want to go out to the country and waste my gas, but I was blessed by a beautiful young lady who is blessing me with the gift of loving my son and working hard to bring a new baby into the world.

I didn't want to drive my son to school - again - but it afforded us the chance to have a calm conversation and pray together.

I didn't really want to work out since I had missed a lot of my chores by going out earlier.  But I was blessed again by the friendship and doing something really good for myself and my "temple".

I have been richly blessed today and I'm so grateful to Him for leading me, for opening my ears and heart once again.  I'm so thankful for being able to recognize the needs of others, putting them above my own and being so incredibly gifted in return.  God is indeed wise, wonderful and worthy of my praise!

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Kathy said...

Human touch and interaction are one of the most important parts of life. Someone very close to me is in jail and has been since Sept. The one thing he misses the most is touch...on the outside he appears to be rough and tough but he tells me all the time how much a hug would help him...We all need TOUCH..your words are so awesome Lissa!!! thank you