Thursday, April 12, 2012

Changing and Chances

Ever noticed how 'the best laid plans of mice and men' seldom have the outcome we think they will?  We can plan and plan and see each step in our minds.  Instead of the events transpiring as we expect, there are twists and turns, detours, sometimes preventing our desired outcomes, and sometimes changing the result entirely to something we could never have imagined.

Life is like that, constantly changing.  Constantly revising our path, constantly offering new scenery, constantly delighting us in ways we never expected and sometimes frustrating us with very frustrating and undesirable things.  None the less, changes are opportunities from which we learn and grow, opportunities to see things we wouldn't have under different circumstances, people we would never have met otherwise.  Changes are chances.

Chances are opportunities that can easily get lost as we rush through the rigors of our days.  Take the chance to embrace new things, change your plans and accept new opportunities as they arise.  You might not get where you intended to be at the same time, or with the same outcome, but the result may possibly be better than what you may have encountered had things transpired as you intended.  You may find love, not even realizing you were looking for it.  You may find a new friend.  You might learn something new about yourself.  You might find an opportunity to blaze a new trail, literally or figuratively. It is imperative we accept change and chances.    Where would we be had Jesus said, "Well, I could turn out the accountants and business people from the temple, but perhaps another day.  I could decide to go to the shore today to visit with the fishermen, but I think I'd rather nap.  I could talk to the masses today about the love Father God has for them, but maybe I'll let someone else do that.  I could let all these men who have such strength and faith in God's promises, know how much they mean to me and how I know what is coming, but maybe I'll just let them figure it out on their own." Indeed, where would we be?

Believe, have faith and allow yourself the chance to detour.  Change your plans when the situation arises and allow life to happen.  Be grateful for the chances to accept change. That's not to say you can't be discerning about things, or may not have to continue your journey of the day because there are things you really need to accomplish in a certain time frame.  Of course, we must do what we must do.  But don't stick your feet in cement and think that you cannot detour, learn, change, take chances.  When you walk with God, you walk in faith that He will hold your hand, walk you through what ever comes your way. Proverbs 3:5 NIV "Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding."  You never know when God has given you a chance to learn, grow and change!

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Kathy said...

Amazing and thought provoking words again. Thank you