Wednesday, September 9, 2009

So Blessed

I had to share this one. I'm really proud of finishing it, for many reasons. First, I used a old photo I've been wanting to scrap. Second, it means I'm finally able to start scrapping about my mom. This is a huge step for me as it's been 12 years since Momma passed away and even thinking too long about it brings too many tears. I know that she's in the most wonderful place ever, I know that she's healthy and well and happy. I know that she and the Lord have shared many wonderful conversations since she went home. She was so blessed to have been dedicated to Him from a very early age. I'm absolutely certain she has shared many a moment in His glorious presence.

Now, having said that, she was mighty blessed. Everything she touched turned to gold and she was humble enough, kind enough and generous enough to share that with anyone who happened to be around and then some. One of her many talents was her amazing voice. She was a soprano with a voice as sweet as honey, as smooth as fine silk and as rich as gold. She was amazing. Hearing the clear melodious sounds that eminated from her, even when she spoke, was a gift. When she sang, you couldn't help but know that God's love had wrapped itself around her and was being shared in the most special of ways. Yes, she was that awesome.

When momma passed away, the entire church was sad. That's pretty awesome for a church that has and had more than 1000 members. Daddy and Momma loved their church, The Episcopal Church of The Redeemer. They loved their priest, the associate priests, the congregants, everything! Daddy decided that the best way he could show his love and thanks for all the love they shared with him was to give back. He gave a generous donation to the choir that paid for all new chairs and more in the choir room. The choir director, who was so fond of Momma, said it was overwhelming.

As a side note and story to share, the morning of Momma's memorial service, there was a dove sitting on the window sill. She sat there through the entire service and remained there during the recessional when all the congregants left the church to go outside and put flowers on her site (she was creamated and her ashes are in the memorial garden beside the church where Daddy's will remain as well). The dove stayed there until the last person was gone. It was only after every single person was gone that the dove actually flew away. The choir master watched this dove throughout the service. He was certain, as are we, that the dove was here to represent Momma, letting us all know she was fine, in a much better place, in perfect health and thanking us all for our love. Now that is something I can't not tear up and get goose bumps about every time I think about it!

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Tricia said...

The story about your mother's funeral is so special. She sounds like a truly amazing person.

Jodi said...

The story about your mom and her services wasvery special. She sounds like a very special lady. I got goose bumps when you was telling about the dove. Love the page too!