Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I LOVE and Covet This!

Who doesn't just love the idea of being so organized everything fits into a single gorgeous armoire style cabinet; the kind of armoire that looks like fine furniture and would easily fit into your den or formal living room? Oh yes, it does exist and yes, I covet this furniture.... I do. I know I shouldn't, but I do. It's gorgeous and amazing and I so want one! The shaker style of this piece really appeals to me. You can get this in different finishes as well as styles too. If you say it doesn't excite you, I'll say you're not being completely truthful, unless of course you're not a crafter and then, well, sorry for your bad luck!

How excited was I to find a contest going on RIGHT NOW where I could possibly qualify to win one of these?!?!? Oh holy moley, my heart began to pound, my blood pressure shot up, I broke out into a sweat and I my fingers couldn't dance fast enough over my keyboard to follow the qualifying rules for entry. So, here I am, posting about this beautiful ScrapBox, the contest and adding the cool little logo to my sidebar...OH yeah... I totally wanna win this awesome treat!

Here is some information to get you started as found on the website hosting this grand opportunity, Priscilla Styles:

You can enter to win your choice of a Ribbon box or the ScrapMaBob and qualify for the amazing Workbox giveaway taking place on October 12, 2009. Yes, you read correctly. She is giving away either a Ribbon Box or a ScrapMaBob (these are so handy!) and that winner will be entered into the Grand Prize Giveaway-- a Workbox in their choice of color/style. WOW!!!!!

The contest runs from September 28-October 8, 2009. The Original Scrapbox will give away ONE Workbox to a lucky qualifier. There will be 10 finalists selected from 10 different blogs to be entered in the final giveaway.

Do you want to win your very own Ribbon Box or a ScrapMaBob and then be a finalist in The Workbox Giveaway? Aren't they awesome? You can check out all the cool products the company offers HERE. Enter this code when you place your order to get $100 off your shipping: 100Writes

There are more details and lots of ways to get additional entries on the Priscilla Styles blog. RUN over to Priscilla Styles and read up on this NOW for your chances to enter as well! And by the way...when you sign up for this, make sure you tell them Lissa Ballard referred you! It WILL make a difference!

AND... for further incentive to mention my name, if I do end up winning, I send all of you who referred me a little RAK in the mail!

There are a lot of other sites involved with this contest too. Make sure you check out all the different blogs listed for more chances to win!

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