Friday, September 18, 2009

It's Fabulous Friday!

If you all haven't ever checked out my friend Kim's blog, "Today's Creative Blog" by now, you're really missing out. Kim scours the internet finding the most wonderful, unique, fun and inventive creative sites. She's quite the enabler by the way because who can resist some of the places she finds!

On Fridays, she does Fabulous Friday Giveaways. Today's is fun fun fun! It's all about Ella Publishing Company. Newly formed SCRAPPY company that's got a bangin' new scrappy magazine on line. You REALLY should check them out. Click on Ella Publishing Company to get there. I know you can!

Now, because I know you also love all manner of great stuff, you have to spend time at Today's Creative Blog. Seriously. There is so much fun there and Kim does a great job tracking down the best of the best. Beware though..., if you can't resist, coolness, cuteness, fun-ness, scrappy-ness, unique-ness or any other creative-ness, don't go... I mean it... you'll love it, so you can't go...

Ooooppps... there you went... you did it... You went there to Today's Creative Blog and had so much fun looking at all that "-ness" didn't you! I told you you'd love it!!!


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