Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hello March!

Well, it's in like a lion right?

So far we've had 80 degree weather, our first decent snow fall in 6 years, rain, sleet, more rain, 35-40 degree days and more rain - all in the last 10 days! It's definitely pneumonia weather. It's still raining and nasty and I'm so ready for Spring to finally spring into action! I think I NEED it. The snow was fun and exciting, but I need the sunshine. I need longer hours of it too. I'm lethargic and I'm not feeling good and I think it has a lot to do with the sun (or lack there of!).

On a brighter note, woohooo!!! I'm the new Sketch Team leader at a wonderful blog I mentioned before - If It's Groovy. I'm so thrilled to have been selected as part of this great crew of "Groovy Chicks" and even more so by being asked to contribute in this way. The blog mom is awesome and the chicks are terrific and it's gonne be a great time! I've posted some new sketches on the Sketch It! blog and there will be more debuted after they debut at If It's Groovy!

Taylor returns to college tomorrow. Well, let me rephrase that, I have to take Taylor and Alex back to school tomorrow. He wants to leave around 3. I want to leave no later than 2. We're gonna argue about that for a while I think. He's not packed, washed his clothes, gathered up his belongings. He's also not cleaned up that room of his or done anything really constructive over break, but I guess that's what Break is for.

We had a blast singing Karaoke last night. Dalton got into singing We Will Rock You and did quite well. He's getting better about keeping up with the worde on the screen so I know his reading skills are definitely improving! (Either that or he's memorizing the song!) It's a slow day for me. Feeling creepy cruds deep down in my bones but I'm sure that will pass. I have another MRI coming up on Monday to help figure out why my back is still not right so hopefully we'll have some good news on that front soon!

Dalton is on Zantac for his stomach. The doctor says they are seeing more and more stress in the schools now a days and attributes the bullying to not only other factors but also to the economic stresses their parents are feeling. With the additional stresses in the home, I'm sure tensions are tight and much is filtering down to kids. It still doesn't make it right and I don't like what's happening not one bit. Dalton is only 8 years old and going onto Zantac just makes me angry. Each day I hear more and more from kids in the class and the playground and also from other parents regarding the children who are bullying Dalton. From what I can gather, this is an extreme power struggle these kids are embroiled in and I'm wondering just how out of control things must be for them elsewhere. I just have no choices but to shake my head, hug my little guy and continue to be there for him when he needs me. We have suggested methods for him to help be part of the solution and I do think things are already improving. I'm giving it another two weeks. We'll see then how it's all going.

That's it for me. How's your week? Any plans for the rest of the weekend?

Blessings to each,

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