Sunday, March 8, 2009

An awesome day and a bad mommy

Yesterday was a full full day! It actually kind of started on Friday when I had to drive to Longwood to get Taylor and another friend who lives in Williamsburg as well. I drove the 2 plus a bit extra to get them, then drove back. (We stopped on the way home at 5 Guys for a phenomenal burger which only solidified my yearning for our new 5 Guys to open here in Williamsburg!!)

We got back and of course, I was a bit wired but knew Dalton and I had a big day on Saturday so we had to go to bed. We stopped briefly at Lisa's for a hello and then home we went.

Bed time was bedtime but sleep was illusive. Not only did I not get to sleep until well after midnight, I woke up at 3 am and never was able to go back to sleep. *YAWN* I tidied house a bit (how is it two grown men can make that much mess in a day??) and was wired for sound when Dalton woke up at 8:30. He was so excited about his first Soccer game! I was excited for him too but a little concerned too as he had never ever played soccer before. I taught him a few moves from when I played in high school. Very basic dribbling, passing, kicking and of course, the old standby - never ever touch the ball with your hands. I told him he needed to be aggressive in attempting to steal the ball without beating up on someone and he needed to do his best to keep his eye on the goal and open opportunities to score as well as enabling others to score.

I stopped at my desk long enough to grab two batteries for the camera and off we went! At Taylor's suggestion, we parked at the new high school and walked over. Um.. yeah - won't do that again. We HIKED over to the field where we were playing and met our coach, teammates and suited up! I was fortunate to have found some great soccer gear at a local consignment shop that looked as though it had been bought and never used. Dalton got his jersey and was ready! If I do say so myself, he looks like a soccer player. He's muscular without being bulky, tall and lean for his age. His blonde hair was shining in the sun and as he ran, he really looked like he belonged on the soccer field. It was such fun to see him right in the game, understanding exactly what he needed to do, playing both offense and defense during different quarters to get a good feel for the game. He nearly scored a goal twice!! I was so proud!!

Taylor, Susan, Whitney and I sat on the sidelines cheering and having a ball. The sun was shining (70 degrees at 11am!) and we actually got some sun too.

As soon as the game was done, we high tailed it home to change into our class A uniforms, get the popcorn popped and bagged and took off for the middle school where we were hosting our packs Pinewood Derby races. Now we have a VERY large pack. More than 40 kids. We also allow for sibling races and this year did corporate races as well as a fund raiser. So, with that in mind and a six lane track, you can imagine how long our pinewood derby is. Yeah - we started the Derby at 2:30 and we didn't leave until after 6. It was a lot of fun, tons of activities, snacks, good humor, great racing and neat cars. The kids played amongst themselves outside the back door of the school while the adults cleaned up and got the gym put back together. And afterward, this sore and exhausted puppy was ready to take her little pup home for a quiet night. (All the while dreading the idea of standing up to make dinner in a kitchen that had been DESTROYED by the big guys the night before and as usual, had not been cleaned.)

A slight change in plan resulted in Dalton spending the night at Susan's with Walker and Welsey (who did extremely well in the derby taking 9th and 10th overall respectively). I went with Kevin to Lisa's for about 30 mins to say hello, love you and gotta go to bed. I was asleep before my head hit the pillow at 9.

It really was an amazing day all the way around!

As for the bad mommy part, well, I bought a brand new package of batteries from Dollar General so I'd be certain to have batteries for the soccer game and the Derby. Yeah - well, lesson learned. You get what you pay for. Not a single battery (and yes I had spares) worked and I have not a single photo of Dalton's first game or of the Derby. What a pain in the tush! How is a scrappy mom supposed to scrap with NOTHING to show for her day?? I know I'll have others from folks who will share, but it's a bummer to me to not have photos of my little guy in particular. :( Live and learn people - don't buy batteries from Dollar General. Take the extra few minutes and buy them at Walmart of the local Grocery. It might cost a little more, but you'll actually get working batteries!

Happy Sunday.

Oh yeah - did you Leap Forward with Spring Daylight Saving's time? Yeah - I did too. At 4am I woke up and have been up ever since... Darn insomnia!

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