Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hello All and Merry Christmas!

Well as a quick update. The surgery on the 25th went well. The doctor said (in the hospital on the 26th) I was doing really well. I've got to remember to take it easy and not be too eager. He wants me to walk and that's it. No lifting more than 5 pounds, no bending, twisting cleaning cooking etc and I'm really trying. But you have to put yourself in my position. I have three boys (two at home) and a husband. None of them are winning awards at cleaning, care taking or cooking. So, if I want it done, I either wait four or five days or I end up doing it myself.

Case in point. We have four cats. Two of them are outside, one is indoor/outdoor and one is strictly indoor. The ONLY thing the boys will do (including the biggest one) is feed them - IF I ask.

So, that leaves the matter of the cat box. Thank goodness there is only one cat using it because it's not been cleaned since Thanksgiving. (That darn litter was expensive but when it said you only had to change it every two weeks it was serious! No smell, no problems!)

Then there are the dishes. They hate dishes. I don't know why. Of all the jobs in the house, this is by far the easiest. Nope... the dishes stay dirty. So what happens? When the big one is at work and the oldest of the three is sleeping (don't ask, I swear I think he's a vampire) and the little one is at school (the middle one is away at college) at some point I actually do get hungry. So, I manage to get up, go to the kitchen and voila! All the dishes call out to me because, hungry though I might be, there is NOT ONE clean dish off of which I may eat. Okay... if that's not bad enough, should I even want soup, there's not a single clean pan in which to cook...

No, I'm not kidding.

So, between my dad, my friend Susan and I, we have read the "men" in the mix the so called "riot act" and let them all know what the expectations are. If I'm seriously not going to be allowed to do housework for 90 days, they have REALLY got to step up to the plate. Daddy swears he'll put the house on the market and move Dalton and me in with him. At first I thought he may be just upset and would never seriously entertain this idea, until he told me he'd already investigated the schools, where Dalton would go to school and, he says, "By the way, you KNOW he already has friends next door so he won't be hurting for playmates. I'm not kidding about this."

Hmmm... yes, I have to admit the idea is a bit entertaining. I LOVE Daddy's house and I could seriously use the break and I know darn well I'd heal a lot better up there because I wouldn't be tempted into doing things I"m not supposed to be doing, but it would make me crazy at the same time. I'd seriously miss being close to my friends and at least able to chat via phone when I wanted to rather than costing a fortune in long distance charges.

Then again, if I could convince Daddy to get cable internet... hmmmm... yes, becoming more and more inviting...

So, I'm two weeks into my so called convalescence. I still have no feeling in my foot but the feeling is gradually returning to my thigh. My calf is still gone and I still don't have full muscle control. I may not ever regain complete control of the leg as the nerve has been compressed for so long it may be permanent but we're holding out for FULL and COMPLETE recovery. That's what I'm claiming anyhow.

I have to admit not being the best of patients. I know I have UCTD. I know I have Fibromyalgia. So what??? I know I have the same issue in my neck I have in my back only that's not been operated on ... yet. (Supposedly my neuro wants to looking into that in the Spring. We'll have to see.) I know that because of that, my healing will take longer and is more strenuous, but honestly people. Do you know me? Do you really know me?

I will NOT sit still, I can't sit still. I have to be doing something or it makes me nuts. I made all of Dalton's little birthday invitations. (They were adorable if I do say so myself. While I forgot to scan them, I can tell you they were of a pool (blue vellum) with waves (cut on the Cricut) with little girls and boys in the pool relative to for whom the invite was intended. For instance, for my friend Susan's kids, Wesley, Walker and Whitney, there were two little brunette boys, one brunette girl and little blonde Dalton in the pool swimming. In the lower right hand corner, also cut from the cricut it said, "It's A Party". Darling really.)

I have organized his party to be at the local recreation center where the children will swim for an hour, then we'll go to the party room for an hour and have cake, ice cream and presents. It's a small party, not too much for mom but fun for Dalton to have a swimming party in the middle of December to be sure.

I've completed nearly all my Christmas shopping (thanking you God for On-Line retailers who carried black Friday sales) and of course, my old stand by, Ebay.

The only thing left to do is to wrap. This is proving to be quite a challenge. I can't bend over the table. The chairs I have are all too short. I can't sit on the floor because I can't get up and I"m not supposed to have my legs at a 90 degree angle to my body (I'm supposed to stay in a reclined type position when I'm not walking). Yeah... wondering how to get the wrapping done but this too will happen, I'm certain. I might just get my friend Lisa to wrap everything for me in order to get it all done right.

I have bought all the cookie stuff to make holiday cookies and Dalton and I will be making Christmas Candy this afternoon and on Saturday for presents too. Monday, his real birthday day, he'll be taking cupcakes to school that he will be making with me on Sunday. It's going to be pretty full time wise around here.

Oh yeah. and at some point, putting up a tree might be nice. I'm the Christmas tree putter upper. No one but me. Everyone else hates it. So I'm interested in figuring out who's gonna do that.

Let's just hope it's not the day before Christmas folks.

Enough about me, how's everyone? I've got so many of my good friends on my prayer list. The economy has been so horrid. I want all of you to know that you're in my thoughts and prayers. Typically recessions pull out within two to three years so let's hope we're at least a year down into this thing. I remember well what it was like living through the last one. It was tough but doable. We'll all get through this in time. Gas around here (I live in a tourist town - ugh talk about a bad economy) has finally gone down to around $1.76 for mid grade. Regular is, in some places, $1.59. Never thought I'd see that again. Food remains outrageous but I know my waist line is appreciative. Even the dollar store "oreo" cookie packages are getting smaller for the same price. Shame but it really does help us all eat better. You cut out all the junk and focus on what's good for you.

I suppose that's it for me for now. Remember to keep your eyes looking up, sending your prayers to the heavens. For which ever God you pray, thank Him/Her for the blessings of your life, your love, your health (however minimal or troubled) and your gifts. Focus on the positives and be positive. Claim what is yours and believe in that. Live your life as fully as possible and remember that HE wants that for you too.

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Happy Holidays and much love from my house to yours.

Lissa and family


Jodi said...

Good luck with getting everyone to help do things. I am lucky that Charles will do somethings if I can not. But when I can do things. he does not do too much. I can not complain. lol We have to get our tree up to. Which we have to buy one first. lol I am the same way you are. I can not stand to sit and watch things gon on and not get be able to do them or anything.

SCRAP-n-CROP said...

OOhh hi there...i hope you are getting better now! good luck with everything!

tspwlv said...

How is your recovery going? We need an update.