Saturday, December 27, 2008

It was a magical time of year...

Christmas has passed and while I have had issues with the photos I took, all in all I think they truely reflect the magic of the season.

My "almost dad" sent me a wonderful email (sent to his distribution list of folks and posted on his blog too) that helps keep the season in perspective.

"Let the Light Shine" from

Whatever we do, however we share, we mark the time,
the season, the feast as a place of light and love. And
in so doing, the gift of the Baby under the star has a
chance to transform our world into a bright oasis of
grace and mercy.

So as you gather today, whether with friends or even
by yourself, mark the time. Mark the day. Mark the
feast. And let the light of Christ come into the world.

This is truely how I've felt once Christmas day arrived. Before that, admitedly, I had trouble getting into the spriti of the season. Financial issues, heat pump problems, car troubles, etc etc all add to the issues of the hustle and bustle that increases this time of year. While I still have the hope that all this is improving and will continue to do so, I also was recovering from the surgery which requires me to sit on my ever increasing in size derriere while I wait and watch others do what I want so badly to be doing. I wanted to get up in the attic and get all my decorations. I wanted to get my tree up before Dalton's birthday. I wanted to get my house clean (I'm still praying and waiting on that one to be completed) before Dalton's birthday so I could have it here but that didn't happen either. All these things prevented me from fully enjoying the season, the reason for the season and getting into the mood properly. Not even the beautiful magical eyes of my darling little boy could brighten up my spirits.

We had Dalton's 8th birthday party and it was wonderful. To hear him say to my dear friend Susan, "Miss Susan, this was my best birthday EVER!" was awesome. I wasn't into it really despite having tried so hard to be there.

To hear him tell me how excited he was about Santa's impending arrival and how he knows that Jesus and Santa had to have been friends when Jesus was alive on the earth because where else would Santa have gotten his giving spirit was so precious. But where oh where could I capture that feeling for myself??

Taylor arrived home from college for the holidays, Reaves and Taylor were getting along and we were all actually laughing together. But even that wasn't enough. Both my older boys asked me on Christmas eve eve, "Geez mom! Please! You've done nothing but hollar for four days. You're so grumpy about everything. Please stop!"

It wasn't until I snapped these photos the day before Christmas I finally found it inside me. It takes the magic of a little boy, the faith of a child that no matter what, Santa and Jesus are going to come and there is going to be a holiday. Not one filled with gifts, but one filled with joy, love, peace and happiness. It is a holiday filled with the love and faith of a little boy in a baby who came to save us all from the evils, all the sins we commit daily, all the hardships from which He wants us to be freed. Dalton is a true believer. He shows me daily how faith is simple. It's easy. You just believe. You simply put all your faith into one basket labeled "Jesus" and all your troubles, sins, transgressions, issues, what ever you call them, all go into that same basket.

Also into that basket go beautiful words like "blessings", "gifts", and "joy". Dalton brought it home for me. Watching him decorate the tree and the look at all the house decorations I finally managed to get up brought me to watching him lovingly touching one of the many nativities I have. Describing to me and to the baby Jesus what the wise men looked like, what Mary and Joseph must have been thinking that night. Telling me about a star that shone so brightly and how the angels sang beautiful songs heralding the heavenly child's birth. It was through this little boy, I finally found my spirit once again. Sounds like history repeating itself doesn't it? We can and should all take a lesson I think...

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. I hope you all found your "reasons for the season" and had a blessed and magical Christmas.

Peace and love to all of you...


Meghan said...

So glad to see you bloggin girly & feeling better.
Slowly but surely, right?

Going For Greatness said...

Oh you've been busy! Merry Christmas! I'm glad to see you blogging again! Now I have been inspired to pick up and blog a bit too!
Lots of love for a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

tspwlv said...

And the same to you, my friend.

Tara O'Rourke said...

Look at you blog! Great post...I will admit to having a hard time this year getting into it as well.