Friday, December 19, 2008

Ooo I've had a fun time!

This past summer, knowing Christmas would be lean, I decided to make some Christmas presents for some gal pals of mine. I bought the beads, bought findings, used some beads my dad had given me that belonged to my mom and proceeded to design what I wanted to make. Then I put it in a box and left it there.

Fast forward to yesterday! I made all of these in two hours! Made me wanna buy more beads and make make make!

I also made the little boxes that I put two of them into to give as pressies last night. Love the cricut! I do wish I had the expression so I could cut larger boxes but it's all good. They do say good things come in small packages!

Here are the latest bracelets and earring sets I made yesterday along with the little boxes.

Click on them to see them larger if you want.

Thanks for taking a look! Happiest of holidays...


Jodi said...

Aww... them are cute! The jewelry and boxes!

BunnyKissd said...

Pretty! I love the boxes!