Monday, December 29, 2008

Projects con't...

These are all for the cub scout book I'm working on... (Yeah I know. I've not done a single thing for myself in ages!)

These are all very simple. Nothing I can do for the scouts can be my usual frou frou stuff as it would take me FAR too long to accomplish anything so thus, simplicity, ease and quick scrapping. The tags on the layouts are blank for the leaders from last year to record names and memories from the trips. These were done this summer.

The bag is from Dalton's teacher gift from the end of the year. (LOVE the cricut for cutting out those letters for me. I'm SO glad I no longer have to be xacto challenged to cut those out by hand any longer!)


Loreluca said...

LOVE the craftiness! Go Lissa, go Lissa! I would totally keep them, though. They are too cute for you to give away!
I also love the Cricut. my hands just hurt pretty bad when I have to use the exacto!

Jodi said...

Love the pages and the bag! Very cute!

Anonymous said...

Love the teacher bag Lissa!