Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Well well, two posts in a singel day? Whooeee!

I know the election is over and I know there is nothing I can do now but pray for our new president elect to have the knowledge, guidance and proper direction when he takes over as leader of the most powerful and greatest nation in the world. I am praying for the Lord to be with him through each step.

That said, I received this in my email today:

"Things are heating up..."

You Tube Video.

Now, I went to that youtube video and watched intently while yet another person pounced on Obama's lack of sharing a credible birth certificate. I decided to do a little digging on my own.

Since then, I decided to dig a little further. Factcheck.org says they have seen, touched and validated his Honolulu Birth Certificate. So on this point I feel as though to argue his birth right as a naturl citizen is mute.

There are however more questions. Apparently there is question now as to whether, as a result of Indonesian adoption, he is now a "Naturalized Citizen" rather than a Natural Citizen.

Apparently, his step father (who is Indonesian) adopted him, after his mother's marriage to his step father, when he arrived in Indonesia . He says he immediately started school on arrival. At that time, (January 1, 1968) the only way to attend school there was to be either born in Indonesia or to have become a citizen in Indonesia. For a child, this means the parent (or step parent) has to either have the child in country, he/ she has to be adopted or the step parent has to Acknowledge (verbal adoption that is legal in Indonesia) the child.

The enrollment records, a legal document, show the following information. Barack Obama's name is Barry Soetoro. He was born August 1, 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii. His nationality is Indonesian and his religion is Muslim. The Indonesian government issues all children an identification card with the child's name and information. As a matter of legal record, Obama's name was Barry Soetoro. There are NO American or Indonesian records showing a name change BACK to Barack Hussein Obama.

As a point to be made, (however mute this entire argument seems to be), in Indonesia, it is illegal for one faith to try and convert to another. For example, it is illegal for a Catholic to try and convert a Muslim to Catholicism. Proselytizing is illegal in Indonesia. The school in which he was enrolled was a Roman Catholic School but, since he was listed as MUSLIM the school was required, by law, to teach the Koran and the facts about the Muslum faith. They HAD to teach him the Islamic Faith. It would have been ILLEGAL to have taught him anything else. This is why his faith is listed on the school enrollment form.

Obama claims, even today, he has NEVER been and has never practiced the Muslim faith. He was 7.5 years of age upon his enrollment in this Indonesian school as a first grade student. While as children we do as we're told by our parents from school to church to play, and he may not have had a choice as to which religion his family practiced, it would seem to be far from accurate to say he has never been nor practiced the Muslim faith. He was seen on Larry King clearly indicating he wasn't raised in a Muslim Home. How can he refute Government documents that show differently?

Additionally, at the time of his school enrollment, Indonesia did NOT have a dual citizenship agreement with the US. Therefore, upon his return to the US, he would have become a naturalized citizen, rather than a natural citizen as a matter of LEGAL record.

Truthfully, I really don't care if he was a natural citizen, became Indonesian and then returned to the US and therefore, legally, he is a naturlaized citizen. Honestly that's splitting hairs. My concern is this. If a man who is to lead our nation out of recession and into prosperity, who has such grand ideas of "Change" why would he feel it necessary to lie about something as simply as his home's established religion as a child. Many of us experienced church school in one religion and have since converted to another. Some of us were raised Catholic and converted to Judaism. Some raised Baptist and converted to Muslim, some Protestant and became Catholic, some Judaism and became Christian. Being Muslim does not mean he's less worthy as a president. I have no qualms with his religion. I do have concerns with the political and ethical ramifications it will have with regard to his dealings with Iran and the Middle East.

But why lie? Why keep this a secret? If you'll lie about something like this, what else will you lie about? What else will you keep from your country? As our parents used to say, even things you fail to tell us when revealing the "whole story" or the "whole truth" is still a lie by ommission. What does this say about our President Elect?

I am not comfortable. I have some serious concerns about the safety of our country, of our troops that are overseas, about the economic well being of our country (now and future) and I'm not feeling like I have a big reason to believe in Obama being the one to pull us out of anything, much less recession and war, with any semblance of strength, position or sense of well being as a country. I really don't know how to feel.

The only words that come to mind are fearful, fretful, confused, bamboozled, scared, unsettled, wary, leery.

Anyone else?

Blessings and love,

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