Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I saw the Neurologist yesterday who has recommended immediate surgery. I see a surgeon tomorrow.

I have four bulging discs in my lumbar spine and the last one (the fifth) has, as the doctor put it, "blown up". There is a fragment of the disc compressing the sciatic nerve on the right side creating intermittent "tingling and loss of feeling" in the right leg. The disc has protruded so badly on the left side it has compressed the sciatic nerve flat against the bone. As a result, I have no feeling in the back of the leg or in my left foot but severe pain deep in the thigh and throughout my "nether regions" (for a lack of nicer term to use!).

My hope is that I will not have surgery until after Christmas but I have to leave that to the discretion of my surgeon. Apparently I'm in danger of creating permanent damage to the nerves. As I am currently still battling a sinus infection, I know it won't be until I have gotten this out of my system, and I am opting to have this done in Richmond, if possible, at MCV (Medical College of VA) by a guy who is one of the top 5 on the East Coast. I'm very very nervous about this decision. Not because he's not good. He's one of the best.

By having this in Richmond, I'm not going to be where my family can see me easily. I"m going to be where my Dad can get to me but not my children or my husband. I'm not sure how long I'll be in the hospital, but with my autoimmune problems and the fibro and thyroid too, I feel like I need to be where the best teams possible will be there to accomodate each and every possible complication.

The ride back to Williamsburg will not be an easy one. It's approximately 50 mins from the hospital to Williamsburg. My best friend has a wonderful van (many thanks to her daddy) that will be a PRIMO ride back to town and she's already offered it. She, Lori and Shell have all stepped up and said they'll do whatever they can to help wtih Dalton and school. Reaves has said he'll do his best to help with the house and with making sure Dalton eats. (Kev's not always really good about remembering that little guys have to eat a NORMAL meal at a NORMAL time and has to go to bed at the SAME time each night - with a bath - and poor little Dalton complains that he's hungry most all the time when he's in Daddy's care.)

Taylor will do what he can, when he can but he'll be a school and it will be more difficult for him to help out.

Needless to say, by doctor's orders, I am confined to a chair, walking with a walker when necessary and doing exactly as the doctor says which is positively nothing. I'm bored out of my mind to be honest but my fear of never walking again is outweighing my boredom.

Please, if you're so inclined, would you keep my family and the doctors and caretakers in the hospitals in your prayers?

Many blessings,

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