Sunday, April 13, 2008

Who's Up for a Crop?

This is going to be an amazing great time!

We all love crops, in person and on line. I have to tell you - I get SO MUCH done during a cyber crop. They're awesome, so filled with great inspirations, fun classes, games and challenges. The team at TSS is amazing and I can't believe I was selected to be a part of it. They are some of the most talented ladies I've ever had the privilege of scrapping with, much less being associated with - and let me tell ya - I've been associated with some amazingly talented folks.

With that being said, who wouldn't want to take a class from these ladies!

The Scrapbook Site Design Team(Click that link to go to the page that features these wonderful gals.

Design Team

(top row)Francine, Angie, Kelly (bottom row) Mollie, Lissa, Lucy


Jane and Kelly

So come on over to TSS on the 16th of April. We'll start in the morning and scrap all day. Tons of fun and prizes too!


Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

congrats! Francine was a feature a few months ago.
Love your new blog design.
Congrats on the new camera! Dalton IS adorable! Those eyelashes are amazing.

Meghan said...

Totally love the blog design!!

Mollie said...

ah I feel so honored!! :) Thanks Lissa!