Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Lazarus Experiment - Day 9

Let's say Lazarus started a diary.
Day One. Hello diary. Today, Jesus called me out of that hole! After I got unwrapped I went around to everyone gathered for my funeral and hugged them. Lots of good food and good friends. We danced, partied, and generally had a great time until about 3:00 a.m. I'm beat!
Day Two. Dear diary: I love being alive! Today I couldn't wait to get out of the house! Me, Mary and Martha, and a small group of friends took a long hike with a picnic around Galilee. (Peter could barely stand not being able to cast a net!). After we got back I dug up about a half acre of dirt in the backyard. I'm going to put in a garden!
Day Three. Dear Diary: Went sightseeing in Jerusalem - preparing for the festival. Jesus has plans to head down there - not sure that's a great idea. Worked all day doing errands for him, just to make sure he'll be safe. Haven't been to the city for a long time. Whew! Glad I went, but I'll sleep good tonight.
Day Four. Dear Diary: Decided to get up early and exercise an hour. Got to get this dead old body in shape! Don't want to die (again!) too soon! Had to finally get some work done, since somebody has to pay the bills now that I'm around.
Day Five. Dear Diary: A couple friends decided to pay me a visit and we went hunting. The old bow still performed amazing - I can take out a antelope from 50 years out! Felt more alive than ever. But I need to sleep.
Day Six. Dear Diary. What a day! The air was crisp and cool, and it just demanded that I get some work done. So I finally went down to the crypt to clean things out. Scrubbed the walls with vinegar (oh man - the smell I left in there!) and cleaned up some of the spices and stuff that was left around. (Not sure that stuff works all that well!). Gotta get the place ready, just in case, I guess. My arms feel like they're going to drop off.
You get the picture.
Lazarus, I'm sure, was eager to live life. But somewhere during the first week or two, life reached up and smacked him around. His energy drained. His feet got sore. His back was stiff. It was time to rest.
At some point, Lazarus realized that his new body still needed respite care. After several days of pushing it - testing the very edges of the endurance of his new life - I think Lazarus crashed.
Our Lazarus Experiment needs to factor in some rest. Some of you have already written about naps. That's great. But maybe a whole day of Sabbath is in order.
Since I'm a pastor, Sundays are not ideal for any kind of Sabbath-keeping. I sometimes have to force myself away from work and busyness to get quiet rest.
Lazarus would have realized, as we all must, that there will always - ALWAYS - be something on your to-do list that is urgent, necessary, and vital to your well-being and the happiness of those around you.
After the first week, Laz may have put his to-do list on hold, recognizing that life is too short to burn it out all at once.
Rest, friend.
Suggested Scripture For Today: Matthew 11:25-30
Suggested Ideas:
1. Schedule a day, soon, and attempt to accomplish nothing.
2. Take a day off from The Lazarus Experiment.
3. Turn off all electronic devises for one 24 hour period. No TV. No computer. No cell phone. No radio. No video games. Go tech-cold-turkey.
4. Spend half a day with God alone. Take only a Bible, a pen/pencil, a notebook. Get as far away from other people as you can. Make it your goal not to see another person except God for at least four hours.
Well, we're a week in, and already the relationships and connections and encouragement and practical love is ALIVE and GROWING at TLE 2014. Every year I sit back and watch with awe how God knits and molds this group into existence, and then the Spirit begins to make us move in response to His new life in us. Who knows what will be the result?
Wednesday is Crazy Pic Day! It commemorates the 25% mark in The Experiment. Things get serious sometimes, so let's have a little fun. Post your pictures on Wednesday.

My response to day 9

Day 9 I think this embodies all Lazarus felt he could and should embrace when he woke up. I hope to live up to half as much. Today I talked at great length with a young lady who wants to give up. She wants to seriously pack it all in. She attempted three weeks ago and had 5 days of inpatient therapy. Do I think I can suffice? Oh heck no - but I do have a lot of experience with PTSD and that's her giant. Maybe I can help my own giants (remember - I do to avoid - but I'm trying to face head on) in the process. Today, she's calm for a while. Today some one talked with her for a while that helped her feel like she's not alone and there are people who understand. And maybe that's enough for today.
This guys right here puts it all into perspective. With God ANYTHING is possible!

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