Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Lazarus Experiment Day 17

Ever watched an episode of Hoarders?

Then you'll know where we're going here. You may even decide you can skip this because, a) You already get it that clutter if of the Devil, or b) You don't want to get it at all, and you're just fine with all your devil-worship and stuff.

I know. Sounds extreme. But really, you haven't seen my garage. The devil may live in there. But if he does, he'd be hard to find.

Lazarus would have spent a significant amount of his new-found life the first month or so getting rid of clutter. The stuff in his closets. The junk in his garage. The mountain in his yard. The amazing gathering of seemingly inconsequential crap in that one drawer by the phone that holds keys that don't work, batteries that don't fit, coins that jumped from my pockets, bent paperclips, rubber bands, pens that don't have ink, a grocery list from 1987, the business card of a guy who wanted to interest me in some investments and I thought, Hey, maybe someday! and I stowed the card but I no longer have any money to invest because of all the junk I've bought since then.

Wait, we were talking about Lazarus! When did this get so personal?!

Here is what I surmise: Once you're on the other side of that tombstone, all the junk doesn't add up to much. It may have before -- in fact, it may have been your whole life. But now that your whole life has been spent, and a new one has taken its place, all that clutter just tends to muck things up and make life go slower. And if there's one thing you don't want in your new life, it's for it to be weighed down by a bunch of junk.

The Lazzie thing to do is to start right away and clear it out. Here are some places to start. Pick one. You may need some help. And a counselor who specializes in hoarding:
* Kitchen
* Garage
* Bedroom closet
* Hall closet
* Pantry
* Basement
* Crawl space
* Car trunk
* Attic
* Friends
* Work
* Hobbies
* Habits
* Thoughts
* Heartaches
* Fears
* Miscellany of every sort

OK. Pick one. Show us before and after pictures (unless it's time to get rid of all the picture!). Time to de-clutter your life. Call the refuse trucks and let's get started.

Suggested Scripture For Today: Hebrews 12:1-2

Suggested Ideas:
1. Pick a drawer and clean it out. You'll be surprised how good it feels.
2. Do a de-clutter of your email inbox. 
3. Take a look at your Facebook friend list and make some decisions.
4. Walk through your house on a thanksgiving journey, thanking God for each thing by name. This will help in two ways: it will stimulate your gratitude, and it will clarify your real need for any more stuff.

Grace and peace, all you wonderful people..

As for me and my house we will serve the Lord...

I took a huge step and decluttered my house in October.,  Like I hired one of those hoarder companies and seriously decluttered my house.  I donated probably $5,000.00 worth of clothing, furniture, medical supplies (there was a very very nice wheelchair and a walker among other medical type things).  It was a completely liberating experience.  Now while they did NOT do what they said they would do (completely have my house party ready by the Sunday following) what they did was also a blessing.  they boxed up all that remained and deposited each box into the room that was it's intended home and left.  

What happened later was nothing short of a miracle.  I was able then to continue purging.  I seriouslty rid my home of more than 2/3rd of what was previously in it.  It was awesome.  My heart was lighter, I was able to "see" my home for the first time in probably more than 10 years.  I am so thankful to my two besties who were intrumental in getting me through it (because of lot of it was my late husband's and I could  never have done it without them).  They held my hand, they walked me through it, they scolded me, they praised me, they congratulated me and they cried with me.  It was so hard but absolutely the most liberating experience of my life.

I highly recommend it!

So instead of being horrified when my door bell rings, I proudly and with great pride, I open the door wide and invite anyone and everyone in.  I've had parties -  lots of parties!  I have invited in strangers who want to teach me about the love of God, I have entertained people I've never met as friends of friends.  I'm so proud of my home!!

And I just entertained my new preacher!

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