Monday, May 5, 2014

The Lazarus Experiment day 14


(Written previously - flood is over for this year - I hope!)

As I write this morning, the boundaries of my backyard have moved. I did not make this happen. It was not my choice. I have no guarantee that the boundaries once established will ever return the way they were. We've had a flood.

Don't be concerned. It happens every year. And every year the majority of my yard goes submarine for a week or so. Most of the time, it returns to normal. But there are always subtle changes under there. Water just pushes things around.

Crises in our lives are like floods, pushing the boundaries around. Sometimes the changes are slow, and not dramatic--just gentle tucks and pinches here and there on the landscape of our relationships and our time.

Major turmoil, however, can completely dismantle the shape of things. Boundaries are rocked by earthquakes, seismic shifts radically alter where we say yes and where we say no. Storms and floods make changes in who we allow to love us, and who we decide to love, and how.

Death is the Great Boundary Shifter. Nothing rearranges the landscape of our personal lives like death. Except maybe for life after death.

The life-death-life reality for Lazarus must have disturbed his boundaries.

Boundaries are those places where we draw lines in our lives. They are the borders of where we can say "Yes - I can do that," and "No, I won't do that." Boundaries help us to determine "You can be an intimate friend," and "You are going to have to stay away."

Finding new life at the command of Jesus - like Laz did or like we did - means that a powerful force is now active and working and pushing things around. The boundaries will never be the same.

How have your boundaries changed because of new life in Jesus? What boundaries need to be changed still? If you were Lazarus, what boundaries would you re-do after you'd been brought back from death?

You're alive. Now. Maybe it's time the edges of your life reflected the truth.


Suggested Scripture For Today: Matthew 5:33-37

Suggested Ideas:
1. Push some edges of your life out as far as you can take them. Stop holding back.
2. Make a list of relationships. Score them on the basis of "Promotes new life in Christ," or "Diminishes new life in Christ." Where can new boundaries be established? Where can old ones be removed?
3. Try going through one day without saying "no" unless it causes you to sin. Say "yes" to everything else.
4. Do something today that you would do if today were the last day you were alive.

I prayed for you by name today. Some of you are going through some tough territory. Don't let it bury you. You're alive.

My day 14
It was community yard sale day and I decided at the last minute to participate. My son and dil came up to sell their baby things (poor girl made $8.50 for the whole day  ) and I decided to put out my jewelry. I have been feeling a little depressed about my lack of sales and was questioning whether I should continue or just sell it all. I honestly sold more on Saturday than ever before so I decided that was my sign. I just have to "keep workin' it!"

At any rate, we spent the day together, not even realizing the time until they had to leave suddenly for another appointment and it left me with ALL their mess - all their stuff still laid out everywhere - in my driveway so I couldn't move my own car to go anywhere hoping they would be back to recover their belongings.

Instead, what I got was a phone call asking me to please take photos and sell it for them on my groups. I was both frustrated and irked. As many of you know, I don't move around very well. My legs are shot (need total knee replacements in both knees but can't do it yet) my hips are both out of place and won't stay where they belong which exacerbates the knees and they wanted me to play "fix it all queen" once again. My initial DANG IT ALL hit my heart.

Then a big deep breath hit me. A big calming breath... What would Laz do, ringing in my ears. Over and over I asked myself the question. I never heard anything definitive. And rather than give in to what they said, I decided I would help them do it but I would expect a portion of the selling price for my efforts as well. It is my gas that will be used to meet people to make the sale. My camera and time to take the photos, my bags to seperate all the items into groups to sell, blah blah blah - And then there Lazarus was shaking his head... "My my my how totally depressing and rude. You've completely missed the mark Lissa."

That I would be angry at them to that degree. Did I have a right to be frustrated? Sure I did. But I didn't have a right to be knit picky about it. They need the money and can't get to Williamsburg where the better market is all the time. I should be commending them on seeing the opportunity and this time - this one time - I will do it but, I will do it with my dil so I can help her learn to do it for herself. that way she will be able to put more of her things out for sale with out needing me to help her. She has the time, she just needs to be taught. Like Jesus taught us about forgiveness, compassion and unconditional love.

And well, you know - give a man a fish, feed him for a day, teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.

I was glad God stepped in and made me breathe... glad He got to my heart. Glad he walked me through that instead of just telling me what to do...I'm so blessed.......

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