Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Lazarus Experiment - Day One

This year, our Lazarus Experiment is being run a little differently and Ron (our pastor/leader) is giving us some prompts and verses; some direction if you will.  I'll do my best to include his direction and my post as a result.

Here's day one!

John 11:40

    Then Jesus said, “Did I not tell you that if you believe, you will see the glory of God?”
It's all a matter of perspective.

I know you may not believe this, my being a pastor and all, but sometimes my wife and I have disagreements. When that happens, it is always - ALWAYS - an issue of perspective. We see things differently, from different angles. In order to resolve the situation, we have to see through one another's eyes. We have to merge our perspectives.

Perspective is the direction, condition, health, and quality of your vision. How do you think Lazarus' vision changed once the bandages were unwrapped and his eyes adjusted to the light? How did he see differently? What did he change about his approach to life, his approach to people, his approach to Jesus? How did being brought back from death alter his perspective?

This is the question we will spend the next forty days answering. We will dig through all of our lives to discover how new life in Christ Jesus changes the way we look at things and people and God.

It's just this simple: Putting trust in Jesus means you have a brand new life - all things have become new. Death is finished. Life is offered abundantly. Don't you think that should leak into every part of us to bring light and vitality? Of course.

Pray today that God would open the eyes of your heart, starting right now, today - Resurrection Day - to see life with Lazarus-eyes.

And do something today - just one little thing - that dramatically, intentionally, reflects your new vision.

Suggested Scripture For Today: John 11 - the story of Lazarus' new life.

Suggested Ideas:
  1. Go outside and sing an Easter hymn loud enough for the neighbors to hear. 
  1. Tell three people why you're smiling so much.
  1. Read John 11 out loud to your spouse and/or kids.
  1. Invite ten friends to join our group with you.

Welcome to The Lazarus Experiment! I'm praying your perspective will never be the same again!


Any my post:

Day One - Difficult times physically caused me to miss church this year for Easter. Funny how those disappointments can open doors to repairing bruised relationships. I had been leaving the hurt in God's hands knowing in His time repairs would begin. That afternoon my daughter in law and I were able to begin talking again about our relationship and rebuilding. It's been rocky at best and now I can say we are working together to build a better foundation. God, in His wisdom, took a day of ultimate love and forgiveness and allowed me to begin anew. What a gift and blessing I received. God is so very good!

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