Monday, May 18, 2009

A Normal Rockwell Moment

This weekend was a great whirlwind of rain and activity. We started out at Susan's parents house Saturday afternoon where we enjoyed beautiful views, great conversation and fun fun times. The kids fished off the little dock as well as went seining with nets. They caught tiny minnows, shrimp and tried oh so hard to get a couple crabs, with no luck on the latter.

They made water balloons but none of them could get them tied closed (thank goodness because none of the boys had a change of shorts!). They played with the Gnome Village that was positively adorable and I must must make one in my front garden. I'm tellin' ya, it really was about the cutest thing I've seen...

They got their fill of watering down the Gnome Village and went back to playing around the dock. Just about the time we were going to have lunch (Yummy KFC - oh yeah baby!) we looked over and saw this...

What a good laugh we all got! Doesn't it look like a total Norman Rockwell moment?

Right after this photo, the skies opened up and we ran to take dinner inside to eat. It was a wonderful leisurely afternoon!

I'll tell you more about the weekend later. Dinner is calling and little boy (who's now sick by the way) is hungry. That's a good sign!

Peace and blessings,


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That is such a moment that I have had at my house. Hope he gets to feeling better soon!