Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Late Mother's Day!

What a beautiful weekend!

This past Saturday, May 9th, would have been my parent's 50th Wedding Anniversary. Never befor have there been two more perfectly suited individuals to marry. Mom and Daddy were an amazing couple. They parented so perfectly together. They loved so perfectly together. They had a perfect friendship and bond so rare. These days, marriage seems to be an expendable commodity. So often, it begins as a matter of convenience rather than a matter of deep committment. In our parents time, it began with friendship, love and a deep sense of lifelong committment that was not taken lightly. When you married, you knew it was forever - period.

So, in my opinion, May 9th is a very sacred day. Matt and Laura got married on that very sacred day in a Methodist ceremony (so did my parents) on the shores of the James River. It was a blustery day filled with beauty and promise as the Lord blew the winds all around letting us all know that He was indeed in charge of this wedding, blessing it in His unique way. The preacher conducted a lovely ceremony. He had asked Laura and Matt to give him a list of things they felt exemplified their love for their intendeds. It was perfect for both of them. They each were able to sum up their life partner in a series of heartfelt, sometimes humorous, deeply personal but oh so appropriate words. It really was just a beautiful ceremony.

The reception was awesome. Lisa's friends from the restaurant where she works stepped up and offered their help. They came through with serving tables, linens, serving trays and serving ware, and all manner of professional catering gear. It was such an amazing day! Absolutely awesome! It was such a testament too, to the kind of person Lisa is and how much she is loved. (And why she's my best friend!) (By the way, that's exactly the topper they had on their cake. A fun joke because Laura is taller than Matt and definitely strong willed!)

My other best friend, Michelle, who is an amazing photographer was asked to take the photos. I'm so excited to see them. She was spot on during the cermony and reception. She captured so many awesome moments. I know they're all going to be fabulous because she can see through her camera lense like no one else I know.

Yesterday, I got up early to go help clean at Lisa's. What a wonderful surprise to discover her husband, three step sons and three other friends had joined forces to clean the yard, house and wash all the dishes! I was shocked! They really stepped up to the plate. What an exceptional Mother's Day gift!

I went over about 10 and helped finnish up inside and went on "Cigarette Butt" duty cleaning all the butts from the yard. I took down all the extra decorations and cleaned up the "dressing room" where the bride and groom had changed. (Talk about trashed!)

Lisa (who had stayed up until 3 singing Karaoke and having fun alongside the bride and groom and a few other party guests) woke up about 1. Dalton swam in the pool and we chatted leisurely. My older boys called me at about 3 and they came over around 4. Lorie and her boys came by too and we all sat around having great conversation, deli sandwiches and spending good time with each other. What better way to spend Mother's Day! It was really a great day!

Dalton and the boys and I got home around 8pm last night. Dalton had a little snack, took a bath and we were honestly ready to fall into bed by 9. Kevin got home from work abou 8:20 toting a beautiful bunch of flowers for me. How lovely they were. (I love simple arrangements not filled with frou frou blooms. Give me daisies and carnations any day!) So when I have a chance to get my photos off my camera (and my monitor cord from my children) I'll share.

In the meantime, have a wonderful week. Happy Belated Mother's Day. I pray all of you were able to get good love and hugs from your children. I also hope all of us who have lost mother's and children were able to feel God's strength, courage and love throughout the day!

Love, Peace and blessings,

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Ronnie McCray said...

Sounds like a fun and relaxing day was had by all! I'm so glad to hear that you had a wonderful Mother's Day!