Thursday, November 22, 2007

It's Thanksgiving...

Today, I had printed out pages for each family member to fill out telling their name, their age today and three things for which they're grateful. Three was really for Dalton's sake. I, being of few words, (HA!) needed pages on which to list my blessings and those things for which I'm grateful.

I can't share Taylor and Reaves' pages with you because they're in North Carolina with their Dad. They're also with a friend and they're all going to a Panther's Football game on Sunday and a tailgate party. I'm grateful they're there, with their dad. I am thankful they are compassionate and feel the responsibility to be with him for the holiday so he actually celebrates Thanksgiving with family and not alone.

I"m grateful that I have a family still with me with whom I can celebrate. No matter our differences, no matter our troubles, we are in the same house, under a roof that keeps us warm and out of the rain and out of the cold and the heat. I'm thankful we have food to cook today, traditional food. It means we're not hungry and we're not dirt poor. I'm thankful that we have nice clothes to wear that are not "holey" . They're warm and clean and decent. That means we've had the money to afford something decent to wear and have the means with which to keep them clean.

I'm grateful for a wonderful group of friends, both on line and off line. I have friends all over the world and I love them all in so many different ways. From Holland to Australia to Canada to Venezuela. From Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Carolina, California, Iowa and nearly every state in between. Right here in Williamsburg are so many wonderful people. People who I love as much as it is possible to love a person in so many different capacities.

I'm delighted to know that I care so much for so many people who have a part of my heart. This means I learned to be accepting of people, and have been accepted, sight unseen. It is so mighty, and a powerful gift, to care so deeply for people without ever having met them in person. What a PRIVILEGE!

I'm grateful for an amazing family, extended and blood. My dad is just a fantastic man, father and friend. My almost parents and family are terrific. My mom left a great legacy of love when she left our world. She touched so many by simply offering them a smile; a smile filled with love and peace. My sister is a lovely girl and I miss her dreadfully. Though her family is going through some turmoil, she is my sister and I love her just as much as ever. I've been where she is, well sort of, and I want to just kidnap her, bring her here and keep her close to me until, well, I don't know until what..... But that feeling inside me makes me grateful. I'm grateful because I have a family and I love them. My brother in law is a great person too and my niece and nephew are terrific. My other "in laws and families" on Kevin's side are terrific (mostly - *grins*) and I love them too.

I have bills... So many bills! Bills I can't always cover. But I'm grateful for those bills! It means my family and I have had medical treatment, lights to see and power to cook, television to watch, internet and a computer to connect with my friends and family, water to drink and cook and with which I clean my clothes and body and home. I have gas to power my car to take my friends to the store when they can't always take themselves. I have gas to visit my friends and lend a helping hand where I can. I have bills to cover repairing that car to get me back and forth to see my father, shop for groceries, go to the doctor to help take care of myself and my family.

I have leaves; so many leaves to rake. Grass that needs cutting equally as bad. It's a sight to see and it's in need of help. But I'm grateful. It means I have grass, shade and a wonderful yard in which my kids can play and have grown up. It means I have a lovely place for Easter Egg hunts, Scavenger Hunts during birthday parties, a place to hang pinatas to play fun party games. I have a driveway for my car and a place for a grill and roses in my yard that make my heart happy in the spring. I have beautiful dogwoods that make me so so happy and daffodils that are so beautiful and perky and smell so sweet. I have crab apples that bloom their delicate, beautiful pink and white blooms. It's a yard with a driveway with a house with a family with love.

I'm so very thankful.

When I asked Dalton to fill in his page today, he answered these things.

My name is Dalton and I am 6 years old.
Today is Thursday, November 22, 2007 and it is Thanksgiving.

I am grateful for

my dog
my famley (family)
my cose bed (cozy bed)

It really is that simple isn't it. God bless him for keeping it real. For showing others just how simple and real and lovely it is. Thank you Lord for this wee small child who shows me love, just as it is, and how to be so amazingly grateful.


Edleen said...

never too late to wish you Happy Thanksgiving :)

God Bless!

Loreluca said...

Hope you had a beautiful Christmas! Love your list of blessings, but I have to admit, I like your boy's list even MORE!!
Have a happy New Year, Lissa!