Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wow have you seen what Home Depot is carrying now?

I can't say as I'm surprised by this but I am excited!

Home Depot is now carrying the Cricut Expression! You can check it out HERE. While this is internet only right now, I think it's about time some of the hardware stores got in on this Home Project DIY master machine! How completely awesome to have the ability to purchase this baby where you're also quite likely to talk your hubby into it while he's looking at his own power tools. Can you imagine his expression when you say, "Hey sugar, let's look at what's on sale at the Home Depot. I see that new Makita drill you wanted is 40% off!" You know he'll rush to the computer so fast he'll knock you off your chair.

So what if you happen to see the toy YOU want while you're "walking through the aisles of the internet". He'll be so in love with his new tool-baby coming soon, he probably won't even notice that you put your own new toy in the cart! And when you tell him about all the cool things this new toy will do for him too, how can he possibly say no?

"But honey, you know you wanted to redo the lettering on the boat. This will make it so professional and beautiful! You'll be the envy of the club. Not to mention the new templates for your fishing lures and wow - the new sign for the Hunt Club! There's just so much you can do with this honey! You just wait until all the guys see what you did... they'll be green with envy that you made it better than anyone there. They'll all want one then and you can say you had it first. Don't you want them to look up to you like that? It's like bagging the first deer of the season! Why, it's a 15 point buck baby!"

Oh yeah - play to his senses... You'll be sure to bag your own new baby then. Just because it's in YOUR scraproom instead of the Man-Cave doesn't make it any less manly! Bwwaaaahhhhhaaaaa..... work it baby, work it!


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Groovy Deborah said...

LOL! What a good way to get the women taking their guys to HD!!!

Celina said...

Thanks for linking.!! I am just planing to get the Cricut Expression from Home Depot.