Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What a summer!

It's been a nutty summer to be sure! We've been to scout camp, Vacation Bible School and home home home. We've been sick, well, happy and busy. Both boys are working at Sonic again, their schedules are hectic and opposite and getting my oldest from work at 1am is crazy. We do what we must, eh?

We've had birthdays and holidays and doctor's appointments. Been to the pool with friends, been swimming alone and made new friends. Dalton learned to ride his two wheeler yesterday and he's got some certain new found freedom. In the past it's taken him ages to get going. Something finally clicked yesterday and his fear (of falling) finally took a back seat to his desire to be able to accomplish his goal. I was so so proud!

Of course, like a good mommy, I've got all the pictures to prove it all, including his two "badges of honor" boo boos, obligatory of a successful learning adventure on two wheels.

I've scrapped a bit, enjoyed myself and gotten new meds to deal with. I'm hoping the new doc (a whole other conversation I really don't wanna talk about) on the 27th of August will get me situated in a new place ready for Uncle Sam to finally decide I'm eligible for disability. I am facing the possibility of neck surgery before that so well see how the next month goes. In the meantime, I'm blown up like a toad on prednisone and I look horrible, but hey, it's the price you pay for being able to be mobile. Thank goodness my mind is..... ou8usab8e39274hkbtgrjk&^&*^* bdkaknbwe dguks,e gtfusiakm egusk,'

Oh sorry... fell asleep again... Yeah, it's been that kind of summer. Sleeping alot but it's the lazy days I guess. Dalton's played a lot of video games, read along side me and given me Mommy's Rest Time. I don't seem to be able to focus much, stay awake long, or sleep for any real length of rejuvenating time, but, well, what cha gonna do? It is what it is.

Today I bring you my photos of Dalton's New Bike Adventure. Tomorrow, something special!

"I did it in the yard I can do it on the street, Mom."

"Off I Go!" (He rode down the road screaming, "WAAHHHOOOOO!" Too cute.)

Obligatory Boo-Boo #1 when he turned too sharply and hit pavement.

Obligatory Boo-boo #2 on the ribs when he bit the dirt in the side yard coming off the road...

Can You Tell I'm Proud of Myself?


Jodi said...

Wow sounds like alot going on. YAY Dalton!

Pauline said...

All boy ... lol